The Beach in Spring

We made a wonderful discovery this weekend: going to our town beach on Lake Winnisquam is really fun in the spring! With the temps going up and down, water melting and re-freezing, ice breaking up and shifting, and wildlife reappearing, there is a surprise for you each time you go. Not to mention, you get the place all to yourself; all the snowmobiles and bob houses are gone, but it’s way too early for sunbathing and swimming.

This past weekend the warm temps were so lovely. We spent hours at the beach, engineering rivers and dams to redirect the snowmelt through the sandy mud. A mere sand box doesn’t come close to what we played in! Our boots got stuck in the mud. We sent and chased stick boats down the raging stream that feeds into the lake. We saw a male and female duck work their way up the stream, foraging for things to eat in the rushing water. I recently bought my son a full-body rain suit with a hood. Awesome move on my part. He tested it to its limits this weekend, rolling around in the mud, lying in the mud and giggling as he felt it slowly sink in. We left soaked and covered in sand and 100% happy.

And then this morning on my way to work, I stopped to see what was happening and I wasn’t disappointed! The warm temps earlier in the week helped break up a lot of ice on the lake, and the windy storm we had on Tuesday pushed all those mini glaciers up onto the shore. Now they are frozen together on land in these crazy ice mountains that are beautiful and kind of intimidating.


Can’t wait to go back this weekend to see what it looks like!

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