The Best of New Hampshire

Ever year the best restaurants, caterers, and beverage vendors come together to exhibit New Hampshire’s best creations. This event is called the The Best of New Hampshire and is usually held in Manchester. In the past, I have worked the event, but this year I was on the other side of the table.

Walking into the Verizon arena with all of these amazing choices was at first intimidating. However, instead of narrowing down our options we decided it was best to try everything (for market research purposes). Each station is set up with samples and information about the vendor. Some have coupons and prizes. We arrived at 7 o’clock, hungry. My friend and I tried everything from steak sandwiches to traditional Indian desserts. We sampled Barefoot California wine, local meed, and even whiskies. We had our picture taken with the real Captain Morgan and listened to a local band perform.

captain morgan

By 8 o’clock the event was over, we were full, but we didn’t want the night to end. We walked down Elm Street and found a bar called XO. Here we sat amongst the outdoor couches and listened to a talented saxophone player while we sipped lemon drop martinis.

It was a beautiful night. My favorite part was meeting so many local New Hampshire business owners. I filled my pockets with business cards and will have plenty to blog about this summer!

If you’ve been to the Best of New Hampshire what was your favorite part?

As always, please email to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured in our “Eat Drink Play” blog posts.

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