Bikes Versus Cars: Will Peace Ever Reign?

I feel like one of the biggest issues of contention in any town I’ve lived in in New Hampshire has been that of bicyclists versus drivers. I see so many cities and towns in other parts of the world that have built in bike lanes to promote safety and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, yet here in New Hampshire that rarely seems to be on the table during budget meetings.

Would it be worth it to consider adding bike lanes to our already winding roads?

I know as a driver, the instant I see a bike, my palms want to sweat. I almost always come across one at a curve in the road, where, were I to pass, I would put us both in danger by risking a collision with an unseen car. Conversely, there are many drivers who, out of their own anger, will zoom past a biker much too close for comfort, and they in turn endanger both parties.

People have died biking on these streets. Is this something that New Hampshirites would be willing to remedy? It would seem that country roads are too narrow to widen or perhaps that removes from the rustic charm we’re so proud of and intent on preserving. As this has been a hot issue of dispute for at least the fifteen years I’ve lived here, it would appear that a solution that can stretch across towns may not be in sight.

The state does offer some resources, but I’m still wondering….

As a biker, how do you feel about the situation? Do you find that the majority of cars are respectful toward you or do you have to be hyper alert while trying to exercise with the fear of aggressive drivers around every turn?

As a driver, how do you handle sharing the road? Do you find that the majority of bikers obey traffic laws or do you find them breaking rules, which leads to frustration? Is it worth being angry over having to slow down a little before passing?

I have often found myself wondering if there is a solution to this as the social media fights have broken out, as they do every season, between bikers and drivers. It begs the question:

Can’t we all just get along?

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