A Birthday Weekend on the Seacoast


I love birthdays. They’re such a fun excuse to celebrate! This year, I didn’t think we’d do much for mine-I turned 33, so it was no big deal. But, my husband asked if I’d like to go away for the weekend and, of course, I said yes! When Mike suggested Portsmouth, I thought that was perfect.

Some might think it’s a little weird to head to the coast in the off season (we live in the Keene area), but I love going at this time of year. Things move at a much slower pace than when the warmer weather hits. We headed out on a Saturday afternoon, packing up our two boys and all their overnight gear.

Our first stop was Odiorne Point to look out over the water and climb around on the playground. I remember stopping there when I was little and it was so fun to now bring my kiddos to the same spot! It was very, very cold and windy that day. But, our one and five-year-old weren’t phased, and they had a blast going down the slide, swinging and running around like crazy.

Next, we headed to Newick’s Lobster House for an early dinner. The boys were in awe peeking at the lobsters in the tanks, but we didn’t have much time to watch the mysterious creatures, since there was no line! We ordered our food and began the game of entertaining the kids until it arrived. Luckily, it wasn’t long before everyone had their fried seafood of choice in front of them. We enjoyed every last bite and then it was time to go to the hotel.

The next morning was spent in the pool with the kids. It was a quick trip to the Seacoast, but such a fun escape with my little family!

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