Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament – Concord

Today starts the 5th annual Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament that takes place in Concord at White Park. The tournament runs from Friday 1/23 (today) until Sunday 1/25. Teams come from all over the country to play in this tournament. Last year a met a group of men who were in their 40’s had known each other since middle school and had come the last couple years from Orlando, FL to play. I got to talk to them for awhile about other tournaments that they go to and I was told that the Black Ice tournament was by far one of their favorites. Good teams to play against, a great community to visit, and they always have a great time visiting the local restaurants.

Getting ready for the 2015 Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament!

Getting ready for the 2015 Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament!

A little background on the tournament:

The Black Ice Pond Hockey Association, a non-profit entity started in 2010 created this event as a way to maintain and expand ice skating opportunities for the community as well as honor the rich heritage of hockey in Concord. Over the past two years, the tournament’s success allowed the association to give over $100,000 back to the community, in areas that are true to our mission. Funds earmarked for Concord Parks and Recreation went towards providing an outdoor skating location in the south-end at Rollins Park, maintenance on the pond at White Park, and site-work & design for a new multi-use skate house at White Park, that will replace the existing dated building and will house the hockey history of Concord. Funds going to Concord Youth Hockey programs will provide development resources for recruitment days and affordable equipment for entry players. (taken from the Black Ice Pond Hockey website)

By the time you read this the puck has already dropped for Friday’s games. Games run all day long and into the early evening. Friday (tonight) at 7 they will have fireworks after the games and all are welcome. The event is free and is so much fun to attend and watch the games.

Enjoy your weekend!

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