“The Block”

Hidden inside a black box theater in the boonies of New Hampshire, twenty-two teenage actors presented an important story through the art of video, projections and movement. The play was produced by Andy’s Summer Playhouse, an innovative theater by children for people of all ages.

Titled “The Block,” the play featured a high-school girl overwhelmed with writer’s block and during her struggle, exposed the important reality of while facing insurmountable odds, the most daunting obstacles between you and success is often develop between your own ears. A 2014 Summer Season original multimedia production, “The Block” was written and directed by Jared Mezzocchi, a native of New Hampshire and a former Andy’s kid.


Through his experience at Andy’s Summer Playhouse, Jared has earned “Best Original Playwright” from the NH State Theater Awards for his play, “The Lost World”, an original piece premiered at Andy’s Summer Playhouse in 2011, and was also given the “Princess Grace Award” by the Princess Grace Foundation. Jared was the first Projection’s Designer to be given such an honor. You can view Jared’s beautiful talk on TEDxPiscataquaRiver online about “The Technological Imagination” and the moment that sparked his interest in projection design, where he enhances stories through multimedia.

Directed by Jared, the play’s design team was made up of talented teenagers part of the Andy’s Apprentice Program.The play’s lighting was magical, with the beams of light impeccably placed on actors and set pieces. The spotlights and projections played their own distinct parts in the show. They created a dynamic and evocative environment for the story. Building upon the enchanted setting, each act IMG_1626.JPGor had his or her own opportunity to shine in this ensemble piece. They were dedicated in their roles and gave a persuasive performance. While some fell out of character or detracted from their words by overplaying their parts, they made up their mistakes with energy and perseverance. The choreography was fun and lively.

Andy’s Summer Playhouse says that “a young person’s mind is ever creating and embracing new ideas. As a children’s theater, it is our responsibility to not only nurture but also meet and challenge our participants’ ongoing creative energy.” You can expect quality shows Andy’s Playhouse is supported, celebrated and founded by the community, and foundations like The FP Worthen Foundation, The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation, The Kevin M. Sullivan Foundation, the Milford Rotary Club, The Norwin S. and Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation, The Pumpkin Organization of Rindge and Sweeney Metal Fabricators. Adult tickets are typically $14, while 12 and under are $7. Please call the box office to reserve tickets: 603-654-2613 or visit www.andyssummerplayhouse.org for more information.

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