Blogging: Good for your health

I remember each summer growing up as a kid when my mom, who is a teacher, always made me keep a journal and read what felt like a million books. For some reason I always preferred to write rather than read. I even enjoyed writing so much that it came to a point that I asked my mom if I could keep a journal all year instead of only during the summer. She said that if I ate enough carrots and was nice to my sisters, she would consider allowing me to continue journaling throughout the school year. It was always an effective way for me to reflect on certain experiences in life and to some extent, appreciate things more. I find that we tend to take things for granted when we are in the moment, but when you look back at X, Y, or Z, we are able to interpret the complete experience in a much more comprehensive and down to earth way.

Over the years, I have forgotten how valuable journaling really can be. Today, instead of journaling, we can blog. Our blogs can be shared with a private group of people, or shared publicly. Slightly different than journaling, blogging gives us the option to open up to a discussion within a community or remain an informational piece. It becomes a great way to allow others to “follow” you through a particular point of your life, many times, during travel.

Aside from blogging for yourself and direct network community, there are other benefits to engage in the art of blogging. It’s a great way to increase search engine optimization within your personal or organization’s website. Many companies find that having some of their key thought leaders or client’s blog on a rotating basis about a relevant, industry related topic, is valuable for both the website’s traffic as well as the end user.

Blogging is a productive way to contribute to and learn about the latest trends. It provides a vehicle for individuals to share stories about their own lives, and reflect on the sentiments or wider communities to spread awareness to a topic or cause.

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