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The first question listed in the FAQ section at asks, “Is Quincy Bog really a bog?” The answer is no. It’s actually a fen. Never heard of a fen? Me neither and I’ve been there a million times! Okay maybe not a million but trust me you’re going to love it.

About a five minute drive off I-93, Quincy Bog Natural Area is a 43 acre tract of conserved wetland in Rumney. The land was being pursued by developers in the early 1970s but was purchased in 1974 by a group of concerned citizens who later incorporated to become Rumney Ecological Systems. The group has since purchased several adjacent properties, while establishing additional conservation easements in partnership with the Pemi-Baker Land Trust and as a member of the Land Trust Alliance.

Today Quincy Bog Natural Area offers a serene, educational, outdoor experience, open to the public and free of charge. Visitors can drop in to the Nature Center to learn more from one of the bog hosts or enjoy the view from the Center’s expansive deck. The bog can be explored by following a short loop trail in either direction from the Center, choose Nature Walk or Beaver Dam. Footing is generally good with some wet areas, passable by use of wooden foot bridges (often without rails). Visitors are likely to see a variety of wildlife including beavers – actively building lodges and dams – with an array of water fowl like the American Bittern or Great Blue Heron. You can be certain you’ll find diverse foliage and vegetation, insects, birds and other small animals. Quincy Bog Natural Area hosts programs, workshops, organized groups, naturalists and researchers alike so stop by any time to enjoy the beauty of the bog! P.S. you can bring your dog!

Quincy Bog Natural Area Sign on Quincy Road

Quincy Bog Nature Center Sign at the Junction of Quincy Bog and Cranberry Bog Road

Quincy Bog Natural Area Parking and Kiosk Area

Quincy Bog Nature Center

Quincy Bog Nature Center

Quincy Bog Nature Center Dedication in Memory of Hobart Merritt Van Deusen

Nature Center Library and Classroom

Quincy Bog Nature Center Front Deck

View of Quincy Bog from the Nature Center

Quincy Bog Natural Area, Nature Trail and Sitting Area

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