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Corey Hoyt

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Tell us a little about yourself.

Earlier this year, I joined Mainstay Technologies as the Marketing & Communications Manager after nearly a decade of marketing experience in higher education. The transition to the IT and Information Security services industry has been really rewarding and intellectually challenging, which is something I enjoy and thrive on. Mainstay has an outstanding leadership team that sets a great example for conscious growth and a supportive, positive culture.

As a continuous learner, you can find me in the classroom teaching marketing courses at Lakes Region Community College. It’s a fantastic environment to share what I’ve learned and also learn from students about their thoughts on marketing and technology. I’m also completing my MBA at the University of New Hampshire, which has been a valuable opportunity to meet professionals across the state in a broad range of industries.

Supporting my local community, I’m active on the board of directors for Lakes Region Community Developers, a local affordable housing non-profit that creates opportunities for the Lakes Region to thrive by developing health homes, creating vibrant community assets, and engaging residents. In 2015, just after returning to NH, I was fortunate to participate in Leadership Lakes Region and learn more about our local economy and connect with like-minded locals.

Why did you leave New Hampshire?

After attending Laconia High School, I left New Hampshire for college with sights set on experiencing life in a larger city. While attending Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI—which was just far enough away to satisfy my curiosity of living elsewhere—I decided to continue my studies and pursue graduate school. While dreaming of a return to New Hampshire, I chose to grow my career outside of the state. In hindsight, I was naïve to the opportunities NH held as well. I lived in Washington, D.C. for five years to earn a master’s in Communication, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University and work in marketing for higher education.

What did you miss most about New Hampshire?

You really can’t appreciate the clean, fresh air of New Hampshire until you’re away for an extended period. Every time I returned to visit family, I commented on how easy it was to breath. A noticeable difference from any city! I also missed having the opportunity to go on a spontaneous hike or hang out by the lake in the summer.

Why did you choose to “boomerang” back to the Granite State?

While working for 2U, Inc., an education technology company in D.C., I had the opportunity to become a remote employee and made the leap to move home to Laconia. After being away for just shy of a decade, I was eager to purchase my first home, settle down, adopt a dog, and become engaged in my community in a more meaningful way. It’s easy to feel like an outsider in a big city and it also felt unfair to have a dog in a 300-sq ft studio. Within six months of moving back, I purchased my first home, adopted a dog from the NH Humane Society, and even got engaged to my now husband. We met here in New Hampshire through friends and began dating long distance prior to, and in anticipation of, my return.

As you might imagine, there were a lot of compelling reasons to boomerang back to the Granite State. And, I’m sure glad I did!

What is your favorite childhood memory from being in New Hampshire?

During high school, I took a financial services course at the Huot Career & Technical Center in Laconia and learned a great deal about banking. This led me to work as a student bank teller at Meredith Village Savings Bank in Laconia during my junior and senior years. It changed my entire perspective on the area through business. I have so many great memories with my team at the time, people I’m still friends with to this day. It was also a great experience to meet local people that I might not otherwise cross paths with. Working at MVSB while still in high school gave me the experience to work as a bank teller throughout college as well and had a significant influence on my career.

What keeps you in the state?

Most of my family is here in the Lakes Region and I enjoy spending time with them. There’s also a great deal of opportunity to make a difference in my local community and that is a huge motivation to stay in the area. I’m excited to see what Laconia is like 10, 15, and 20 years from now. We have so many motivated, smart people in the area striving to make our City on the Lakes a better place! They inspire me every day!

Tell us some of your favorite places in the state or your region? i.e. restaurants, recreational or cultural activities, etc.

There are so many places in the state that I enjoy making into a full-day adventure. From Laconia, we’ll travel north to shop in Littleton and sit by the river at Shilling Beer Co. Littleton is a gem of a town with some of my favorite shops. We’ve also started an endeavor to visit every covered bridge in the state (there are 54) and pick 3-4 that are in close proximity for weekend adventures.

A favorite summer activity is a short hike up Rattlesnake Mountain for a gorgeous view followed by a wine tasting and lunch at Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith. Hermit Woods has a great outdoor deck space to bring friends and enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

Year round, we spend many weekends in Pittsburg, NH near Lake Francis and enjoy exploring small towns in the North Country and towns just over the border in Canada. There’s a great selection of restaurants up north like Black Bear Tavern, Rainbow Grille, Buck Rub Pub, and the Burg. You’ll also find quite a few stops along the way like the waterfall at Beaver Brook Falls.

What do you believe to be the “New Hampshire” advantage?

There are so many qualities that make up the “New Hampshire” advantage from public policy, tax, demographic, environmental, and recreational perspectives. Beyond not having a state income or sales tax, there’s a positive spin that can be made for the opportunities that exist for young professionals in the state despite demographic challenges. Over the next decade, organizations are looking to identify up-and-coming leadership, now is your time to step up, lean in, dig deep, and make a difference.

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  1. NHNovember 25, 2019 at 5:43 pm #

    Boomerang Week to lure young people back to NH makes no sense. If there is a housing shortage, why ask people to move here who don’t yet have the means to buy a home? It’s so ridiculous.

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