“Boomerang” Spotlight: Jonathan Noury-Elliard


Jonathan Noury-Elliard

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I own NH Rocks. After moving back to New Hampshire I have gone “all in” and am currently using my business to help improve the experience of living and visiting here. I am also a Board member of Fusion, the Lakes Region Young Professional Network, and am pursuing my MBA in Community Economic Development at SNHU.

Why did you leave New Hampshire?

Part of it was Californication from an early age and a general need to explore. I believe a lack of knowledge and access to skills also played a role. In starting NH Rocks and better exploring New Hampshire, arguably everything I was looking for is right here.

What did you miss most about New Hampshire?

The natural resources, seasons, and people. California was wonderful, don’t get me wrong. I was even able to surf on Thanksgiving with only board shorts on, but New Hampshire has something about it. It’s beautiful.

Why did you choose to “boomerang” back to the Granite State?

Family and access. I have always known I wanted to create a business like NH Rocks and tried multiple avenues, including moving. I had realized that New Hampshire would be my best shot because of my established support system (family) and the access to decision makers and businesses.

What is your favorite childhood memory from being in New Hampshire?

Growing up in the middle of the woods; being able to walk to a secluded spring-fed lake.

What keeps you in the state?

Right now, my mission driven business. I have spent so much time researching what needs to improve in New Hampshire and created a structure that can lend a helping hand. I am motivated to see it through and help to better connect New Hampshire and make it a bit more affordable.

In your travels, what were some cool or unique things you came across that you wish were in New Hampshire?

Public transportation on a regional scale would be amazing. A fast way to get to different parts of New Hampshire would make it far more accessible and I believe would help to encourage travel.

Tell us some of your favorite places in the state or your region? i.e. restaurants, recreational or cultural activities, etc.

If you haven’t been to the Great North Woods, you’re missing out. Similarly if you’ve never stepped foot in the White Mountain National Forest, you MUST adventure north. There is a particular magic in the mountains and near the lakes of New Hampshire that is humbling, inspiring, and comforting. The communities around these areas are typically small but contain incredibly vibrant people that want to help others and improve their area. Also, the outdoor recreation in these areas is beautiful and diverse. If you haven’t been, I’d suggest starting with some of the State Parks and exploring Franconia, the Kanc, Woodstock, and North Conway.

If money were not an issue, what would your version of a “perfect” day in the state look like?

I would wake up to a modest house either in the mountains over looking water or on the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee. I would have no stress over bills and could craft myself a cup of coffee from a locally sourced roaster and could let my dog out to my yard so she could get her morning zoomies out and do her AM bomb. I would slowly wake up, maybe practicing my piano or catching up on another hobby. When ready, I would pack up for outdoor recreation. Sailing, hiking, rowing, swimming, surfing, apple picking, are all good options here and something I could do with the pup. Then, in the evening I would like to either see a show or get some food at a moderate to high-end establishment that puts care into their craft, paired with a nice glass of wine or beer or cider. Rinse and repeat.

Why would you consider leaving the state again?

To be warm. I maintain that there is no better place than New Hampshire from late Spring to early Fall, but the winter can be brutal and dark.

What do you believe to be the “New Hampshire” advantage?

Community and the strength of our residents. We just need to bring them all closer together.

Is there someone in the state that you would like to have coffee with? And why?

Anyone interested in community building, preferably through NH Rocks. This can be business owners, state officials, residents, or anyone else you can imagine. I simply want to speak on topics pertaining to benefiting the state and developing a more connected community.
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