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Lauren Getts

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I am the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Greater Manchester Chamber, and have been with the organization for just about 5 years now. I love that my role gives me a behind-the-scenes look at businesses within the Manchester Community. I have the privilege of meeting the people behind the brand, and helping them share their stories. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. I reside in and own rental properties in Manchester with my husband Joseph and dog Dexter. I manage the marketing and communications for the Manchester Young Professionals (I am all about getting people to live, work & play in Manchester & New Hampshire!) and I am also a proud Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire.

Why did you leave New Hampshire?

Growing up in a small town, I had a strong desire to go to college outside of the state. My parents made a rule that I had to be at least within a days drive to New Hampshire, so I went just about as far as a days drive and landed in Madison, NJ to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University.

What did you miss most about New Hampshire?

I was away in total, for about 6 years, and what I missed most about New Hampshire was a sense of community, and the ability to discover what you love to do and do it! Manchester is the state’s biggest city, yet – it has a small town feel. A sense of belonging is really what called me back. Also, 2 words: Fall Foliage!

Why did you choose to “boomerang” back to the Granite State?

I initially boomeranged back after college, because I didn’t have a job immediately lined up and needed to live with my parents! I began my career that summer at Intown Manchester Management, Inc., and developed a huge passion for downtown development and supporting small businesses. However, I ended up going back to New Jersey for about 2 years for an exciting career opportunity, and to move in with my boyfriend at the time (now husband, also a NH boomerang-er!). During our time in NJ, my husband and I both longed for a sense of community, a better work-life balance, and the ability to do more of what we loved in our downtime. When the position at the Greater Manchester Chamber opened up, I knew it was our chance to get back to NH, and an opportunity for me to continue to follow my passion of supporting and enhancing a thriving community.

What is your favorite childhood memory from being in New Hampshire?

My favorite childhood memory from being in New Hampshire, really encompasses the way I grew up overall. On a 2-mile dirt road, log house, a big garden, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and goats. Riding bikes with the neighborhood kids until dusk. Spending holidays with your neighbors, as they become family over the years. Helping dad stack the wood in the winter. Not being able to hang-out after school because you have a list of chores waiting for you on the counter. Long-lasting power outages where mom cooks soup the wood stove. Sledding parties. Spending summers at the local lake. This sweet and simple childhood is something you really don’t appreciate until you are an adult and you realize how rare it is to grow up in this kind of an environment. New Hampshire is quite a special place!

In your travels, what were some cool or unique things you came across that you wish were in New Hampshire?

I love visiting other places and dreaming up what could be brought back to NH, and Manchester in particular. Manchester has so much potential for a river walk, pedestrian bridge, transit oriented development, rail, festivals & more. I’d love to see this city become a highly sought after destination for both business and people.

Tell us some of your favorite places in the state or your region? i.e. restaurants, recreational or cultural activities, etc.

I am all about the stay-cation, and exploring and discovering our state’s best kept secrets. I’ll start with the greater Manchester area: there is SO much to see and do (& eat!!) Best coffee: Cafe la Reine. Best pastries & donuts: The Local Moose. Best charcuterie board and wine specials: Campo Enoteca. Best burger in the city: The Crown Tavern. I could go on!! Manchester has this incredibly rich history, and I highly recommend that everyone tour the Manchester Historic Association’s Millyard Museum to get a better understanding of why this city is so special. If recreation is your thing you can bike on the rail trail, hike Mt. Uncanoonuc, ski McIntyre Ski Area, Kayak in Lake Massabesic – all in and around Manchester! Arts and culture? Visit the Currier Museum of Art, any number of galleries on Hanover Street, and end your day with a show at the Palace Theatre or the Rex Theatre. I truly think Manchester is the ideal place in New Hampshire to call home, because you have access to amenities, commerce, nightlife, yet – you’re only within an hour to the Lakes Region, the mountains and the seacoast. In Manchester, you get the best of both worlds.

That is exactly why my husband and I choose to call Manchester home, as we do often spend many weekends up north hiking. Check out our YouTube Channel, Getts Wild, for videos of some of our favorite hikes and views! A town where you can pretty much take-on ANY recreational activity you desire is Lincoln. Lincoln is considered Basecamp to the white mountains and is also home to Loon Mountain Resort (we love it so much, we got married there!). Another favorite place of ours is Littleton – home to Schilling Breer Company, Chang Thai Cafe, and the cutest little main street you ever will see! Even closer to Manchester and a hometown favorite of ours: Pats Peak Ski Area in Henniker. Get a season’s pass, and you can literally shoot over there on a weekday after work within 30 minutes, and ski or snowboard under the lights!

What do you believe to be the “New Hampshire” advantage?

New Hampshire is often ranked as a great place for business, to live and work, and to be an entrepreneur. There is a low personal tax burden, and benefits to locate your business here, but I see the major advantage as being overall livability and quality of life factors: Safety, good schools, health and recreational activities, a thriving economy, and I am going to throw in the fact that we have 4 seasons!

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    Such a nice article. I love hearing about someones journey. Love it! Lauren is a special person with such a great attitude.

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