Brianna’s Internship Experience

It honestly feels like I just started working at Stay Work Play yesterday. I have really enjoyed my time here and I can’t believe it flew by as fast as it did! With summer coming to an end, so does this internship, but I definitely won’t forget about Stay Work Play. This organization has exposed me to so many different things that have made me grow professionally and personally.

With this being my first internship position, it has introduced me to the professional workforce, as well as given me a taste of how organizations run and how the teams within them work. As the Graphic and Media Design intern, I was able to channel my creativity into current Stay Work Play projects. It was always enjoyable because I loved the atmosphere, the team, and the organization’s mission. Throughout my time here, I learned new professional programs, marketing/communication skills, how to work on a professional team, and how to execute projects from start to finish with given deadlines.

I was always excited to come into the office and work with the Stay Work Play team. This team is so passionate about New Hampshire and so dedicated to the work they do to promote the state and its young professionals. I have learned so much about New Hampshire over these past couple months. Stay Work Play exposed me to new organizations, new areas, and new events I want to go to within NH in the soon future. I have learned about new opportunities this state offers, and it has caused me to fall in love with New Hampshire even more. Stay Work Play has actually really inspired me to go out and explore the places around me. There’s so much to discover and appreciate right in my own backyard. I’m looking forward to showing my friends and family the new places I have discovered so far and I can’t wait to go explore even further.

It’s hard to believe I am going into my senior year at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). SNHU has provided me with the tools I needed to succeed on a professional level and it has shaped me into the person I am today. The SNHU media team came to visit Stay Work Play one day to film some of the work I have been doing throughout the summer here. The video really highlights why I love New Hampshire and why I like working with Stay Work Play. Below is just a screenshot of the video, but feel free to check it out on Stay Work Play’s Facebook page!

I will be finishing my last year at SNHU this upcoming school year. The whole idea of leaving school and entering “the real world” is daunting to me, but I am ready for it. After this internship, I feel more prepared for what is to come in my future. I’m still exploring career options for myself in design and marketing, but I know it will all work out in the end.

Overall, this experience was very beneficial to me, and even though I am leaving, I’m excited to see where Stay Work Play goes in the future.  I’ll be here supporting it along the way!

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