Brick Fair New England

Barad durDid you know there was a Lego fan festival last weekend in Manchester? I just happened to be in downtown Manchester a few days before the event and saw a huge inflatable mini-figure out in front of the Expo Center. What luck! My five year old is obsessed with Legos and it was a great opportunity for him to see some amazing Lego creations.

From what I could tell, people from all over New England submitted their Lego creations to a panel of judges who selected the ones that would be displayed at the event. Our minds were blown and our Lego horizons expanded exponentially by what we saw.

cityscapeOur favorites included a six-foot tall replica of Barad -dur (Sauron’s fortress from The Lord of the Rings) with extremely intricate detail; a cityscape with a huge skyscraper; and “The Great Ball Run,” an imaginative series of mechanized Lego creations all hooked together around a big rectangular table (it covered at least 2,000 square feet) that continuously moved hundreds of little soccer balls around the table. These were all original designs, not Lego sets you can buy at the store.

I don’t know if this is an annual event, but I hope so. We had so much fun!

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