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Throughout the state, New Hampshire has some pretty amazing museums! Whether you’re checking out the Currier Museum of Art or the Millyard Museum in Manchester, the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center (and planetarium!) in Concord, the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, the Fells Estate in Newbury, the Franklin Pierce homes in Concord or Hillsboro, Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, or at the top of my to-visit list, the Hood Museum of Art which is owned by Dartmouth in Hanover, you’re sure to learn a few things and be inspired by some amazing art and history.

Today’s blog post is a bit unique, since I’m “The Taste” writer for Stay Work Play, but I also love a good museum. You might be thinking, Erin, you might get arrested if you try to eat a Picasso, and I would have to agree with you. However, if you like your priceless art with a side of brunch, you’re in luck! The Currier Museum of Art has a fabulous opportunity on the second Sunday of each month called Music and Mimosas: Brunch at the Currier. From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on the second Sunday, you can enjoy a continental brunch in the Currier’s lovely Winter Garden Cafe while also being entertained by talented local musicians. When we went in September, there was a foursome playing jazzed-up acoustic covers of popular tunes throughout the decades, at volumes that were appropriate for normal conversation but also playing the “I know this song, but can’t quite put my finger on it…” game with your date. We loved it!

As for the food, there was something for everyone, and if you were hungry, enough for multiple plates. I was a big fan of the omelettes-to-order station. They had tons of fresh veggies, meats, and your choice of cheeses with a side of entertaining conversation with the chef. To go with my omelette, I grabbed a fresh biscuit, fruit salad, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a tiny cinnamon roll. This in no way encompasses all of the options available! As you can see below, they had long banquet tables with all the offerings, which included more lunch-friendly options like roasted pork and applesauce, as well as French toast, bacon, sausage, a tomato frittata, and tons of dessert options and pastries. For drinks, they had fresh juices, coffee, and a cash bar with mimosas and a bloody mary bar!

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, between the friendly crowd enjoying the music and the helpful staff who were helping someone with a gluten allergy find good brunch options (of which there were a ton). It was pretty busy when we arrived, as there were lots of bigger groups enjoying their meals, so I would highly recommend making a reservation a few days in advance. People tended to stay for a while with the buffet-style food options and the enjoyable music.

And speaking of staying a while, if you visit the Currier before January, I would highly recommend a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Zimmerman House! As our wonderful tour guides put it, it’s the Currier’s largest piece of art (it’s a 2-bedroom house, after all) and is only available to be seen by guided tour. It’s available for tours April through January, and is the only building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that’s available for public viewing in New England. It’s a beautiful property with lovely landscaping and the tour is an education on Wright’s style and technique. There are no indoor photos allowed of the property, but you can see the model right outside the gift shop at the Currier:

If you’re interested in tours of the Zimmerman House, you can learn more and make a reservation here. We made a brunch reservation for 12:00 pm and took the 1:15 pm tour, which starts right at the museum and then you’re bused over to the house which is located in a residential neighborhood in Manchester. The only downside of the brunch is that the price of your meal doesn’t cover admission to the museum exhibits, but the price of the Zimmerman House tour does. So to maximize your experience I would highly recommend both for a quality afternoon!

I would also be a terrible Stay Work Play advocate if I didn’t mention that the 2019 Rising Stars Awards will also be taking place at the Currier this October 17. Hope to see you there, and at a future jazz brunch!

Have you discovered any unique, tasty food or drinks lately? Let us know! Be sure to email us atΒ to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured in β€œThe Taste!”

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