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Don’t know what bug juice is? You obviously didn’t have a childhood. Bug juice is THE beverage of choice at summer camp. Didn’t go to summer camp? You most definitely didn’t have a legit childhood. I’m bias, I know. (I don’t know what bug juice consists of. A lot of sugar for sure.)

Summer camp holds some of my all time favorite childhood memories. I don’t remember why I decided I wanted to go to summer camp but once I got there, I didn’t want to leave. Which explains why I went every summer for 7 years. I’d venture to the woods of Strafford, NH to YMCA Camp Foss for a month. Camp Foss is full of your typical camp activities: swimming, kayaking, horse back riding, ropes course, archery, recreational sports, arts & crafts, drama & basically anything else a giant group of girls ages 8-15 want to do during their summer vacation.

This is super corny but the best thing of all about my experience at camp? Meeting my best friend. I would have never met her in any other circumstances. Two girls, 6 months apart, one from NH and the other from NY meeting & becoming best friends? It probably wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for our mutual love for summer camp. 15 years later, you’d think we would have drifted apart & barely like each other’s Facebook posts, right? Wrong! We are still best friends. Not only did we outgrow the age to be at summer camp (so unfair) but we were roommates in college, and now live only minutes apart. Cool, huh? It hasn’t always been unicorns and popsicles but damn, we’ve been through a lot – thick & thin.

If you had the opportunity to go to summer camp, bravo! For it’s a memorable time in my life & I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you’re a parent, I’d suggest you look into if your son or daughter is in the appropriate age group. It’s worth it – put yourself out there, don’t go with friends from home & try it for a week at first if you’re nervous. I bet money that by the following summer, you’ll want to go even longer.

There are multiple overnight summer camps in New Hampshire – and if you’re old enough & looking for a summer job, you might want to look into becoming a counselor. Parent free for the summer?! Helloooo.

This is a great site to search for camps (boys & girls). You can search by many different parameters (price, girls/boys/coed, session length, etc). Check it out here! Did I mention you’ll learn camp songs that will stick with you for the rest of your life? I’m not kidding.. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

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