These Burger Boys are Keeping it Real!

There are not a ton of places to get a really good burger in the area, but at Wild Willy’s Burgers they are keeping it real. My first encounter with one of these rounds of deliciousness was while taking a drive through York one day. Just happened to see the place and decided to stop in, the rest is history. You can imagine my excitement when they opened their restaurant in Rochester NH!wild willy sign

Let’s get down to business, what makes Wild Willy’s Burgers so good? One reason, they care about what they do! It’s not about speed and using cheap ingredients at Wild Willy’s. I learned a long time ago that in order to make a great burger it has to be packed by hand! This is done so you can just form the meat without overworking it; this makes a much tastier and juicier burger. That’s how they roll at Wild Willy’s, hand packed high quality Angus Beef! Of course you can get some tasty Bison too.burger

I am a classic American burger kind of guy so my go to burger is the Willy Burger. I love the cool crisp lettuce, crunchy onion, pickle, the juicy tomato and that delicious hand formed burger. When this thing comes out and you take a bite, all of the juices from the burger mix with the mustard and ketchup, it is heavenly! Make sure you have plenty of napkins! I want one now!! Be sure to get some of their great hand cut fries to go with your meal too.fries

Wild Willy’s is located at 12 Gonic Road (Route 125) in Rochester.  You can call them at 603-332-1193 or check them out on Facebook.

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