Camping in New Hampshire


For some people going on vacation could mean a few hour flight, staying in a hotel, and cramming a bunch of activities into each day. I have been on those vacations and love and enjoy them. Going to Disney World with my husband and son in 2010 was pretty much the ultimate vacation and we will do it again, but more of our vacations are a lot more relaxed. We go camping because we love being outdoors. Camping is a lot of work but so much fun. Nothing is more relaxing then sitting around a campfire at night toasting marshmallows. We love an adventure and so do our boys so camping is perfect for us.

My boys camping last year!

We have stayed in many private and state campgrounds and below are a few of our favorites.

  • White Lake State Park in Tamworth is a great campground with a huge lake and great beach. This campground is located about 20 miles from North Conway so you are close to attractions, shopping, and many mountains to hike.
  • Russell Pond in Woodstock is a great state park to camp at. Russell Pond is located off exit 31 on 93 North. You are driving up the side of a mountain to get to the campground and once you are there you will be glad that you made the drive. The pond is crystal clear, great campsites, and truly peaceful. The only downside to camping at Russell Pond is that they are a first-come-first-serve campground. So that means no reservations and you are taking your chances that you might not get a site. We usually go up early Friday morning and check around to see who is leaving and then just wait for the site to become available. We have found that doing this on a Thursday or Friday is your best bet.
  • Our favorite private campground is Barrington Shores in Barrington. This is not too far from our house in Concord but it is a great campground to stay at. You can tent, bring your RV, or rent one of the great cabins. The lake is one of my favorite parts; it is beautiful with a great beach and raft to jump off of. Barrington Shores hosts numerous activities and each weekend throughout the summer offers something new.

We are even leaving for a camping trip today! Where is your favorite campground in NH? Suggestions for new places to visit are always welcome!

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