Can’t Miss New Hampshire Farms

Last summer I made a commitment to visit as many local farms as I could, and I’ll admit I ended the summer with a few favorite farms. Here are the two I’ll never skip…

Butternut Farm (Farmington, NH)

I visited a lot of farms last summer and it was easy to see that the family-run, family-oriented Butternut Farm was number one. In fact, I don’t think I have picked fruit anywhere else this year. The quantity and quality of the produce available for pick-your-own is great, but that’s the bare minimum for number one, right? It is the signage, the pricing, the animals, and the cider house that sets Butternut Farm apart from the rest.

Honestly, it’s mostly the signage. I know that sounds silly, but when you get to the farm, you know exactly what to pick, how to pick it, and where to pick it! I also appreciate that there isn’t a sign that says anything along the lines of “sampling is stealing.” I’ve always assumed taste testing was factored into the price, and the nice fellow at Butternut confirmed this when he agreed, “it’s part of the fun of picking your own.” Yes, it is!

Now, when I listed pricing as one of the reasons I love Butternut, I didn’t mean the amount; I love that Butternut Farm sells everything per pound, not per bushel, because sometimes you want two or three apples. If you assumed that is the standard everywhere, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

The animals are self-explanatory, but here’s the majestic peacock!

The sassy goat trying to steal my apples.

“OK, OK, you can have one, but you have to share.”

Hands down the best cider I’ve ever tasted (seriously)

Coppal House Farm’s Sunflower Festival (Lee, NH)

I’ve been to the Sunflower Festival at Coppal House Farm two years in a row now and I’ll never skip it. I’ll keep it short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves, but here are the basics: the festival runs for two weeks, admission is $8-10, and ten percent of the proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The sunflowers are, of course, the main event, but Bloom’n Cow is there serving ice cream and there are dozens of other vendors, too. This year, I snagged some gorgeous earrings from Heebee Geebs.

Another chicken

Love this one little guy facing the wrong way…

School pictures, wedding pictures, no reason at all pictures – Coppal House Farm is your backdrop!

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