Lakes Region Drive

gilmantonSo this morning I have to drive from Laconia to Hampton, NH for a meeting and I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m running late, I have too much to do at work, I’m missing my three-year old son, I can’t decide which of the seemingly millions of houses my husband and I have looked at would work for us, I need a vacation, god I miss Indian food…when all of a sudden, WOW! I find myself on top of Frisky Hill in Gilmanton on Route 107 just south of Gilmanton Corners and my brain stops racing and all I can do is stare at this amazing view. And I see these signs as I continue driving that say “Gilmanton’s Greatest Views for Everyone, Forever” and “Saving this View is Up to You.” So of course I have to stop my car and check this out. Turns out the Gilmanton Land Trust is about $130,000 shy of raising over $1 million to put four plots of land totaling 86 acres along this stretch of road into conservation. This. Is Awesome.

And then I remember how as a kid, whenever we drove on this road, I would wish with all my heart that we could live there so when I looked out my window I would see this and be inspired to paint or write a symphony or do some other really amazing thing. And then it hit me, THIS is why I moved back here. This is it! I absolutely have to see this view at least once a week, including these silly signs. It somehow captures everything I love about this town, this region. The green. The air. The lakes and mountains. The sense that if you want something to happen, you just do it and if it’s a good idea then others will support you. And for the minute or so that I gaze at this view, the perceived shortcomings of NH compared to other places I have lived all melt away. I really feel in my heart that this is where I belong. And for most of the day, I feel like I could do anything. Maybe I’ll go back there again tomorrow….