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Cafe Monte AltoI love to sit at the tables and chairs that are tucked in the corner. The sun shines the brightest in this spot. Nothing compares to the way the sun hits my face in this seat, while I slowly sip on a hot coffee. The lettering on the window casts shadows on my face as I sip away. The metal, four legged chair and wobbly table is the perfect little spot to do homework. The hustle of the coffee shop whispers behind me. It’s the busiest place in town, but somehow, I can sit and peacefully enjoy my surroundings. Large, floor to ceiling windows case the outside of Cafe Monte Alto. Twinkling white lights hang around the room. The space itself is a small area with just enough room for the barista station. High top tables line the wall that is covered with pieces of art from local artist. A worn down couch and beaten up wing armed chair are tucked away in one of the windows.

Every town has a place like this. For us, it’s a coffee shop. For other towns it might be a grocery store around the corner or the local ice cream place. Every town has a unoffiCafe Monte Alto cial town hub. The place where all the locals know and flock to frequently. The place where the owners know your name and you feel right at home once you walk through the doors.

Situated on Main Street of Plymouth, New Hampshire, Cafe Monte Alto is the center of it all. Populated with college students, faculty, staff, local families and friends. The store front is constantly filled with people, in and out getting their coffee or tea fix for the day. Or if you’re like me, two or three times a day.

The shop has tons of options that can please all varieties of tastes and ages. For those who enjoy a simple hot coffee can grab a cup, and pour their own coffee to their liking. I know most college students aren’t too keen on a straight forward black coffee, so Monte Alto offers additional flavors that can be added to hot or iced, along with specialty drinks such as a Dirty Iced Chai and several different types of lattes. My favorite item to order is a caramel iced coffee. They even have coffee ice cubes, that give your cup an extra sip when they melt

The variety of options and the outstand atmosphere is what makes Monte Alto the center of Main Street. The shop is able to capture the true Plymouth experience. The friendly service, the sense of home from the moment you step in the door, the collaboration between the town and the university. All of these things seamlessly put together, make Monte Alto what it is.

Punch card at Cafe Monte Alto As I sat down to write this post, I figured I would write about a certain day or time that I have spent at Monte Alto. Possibly time with friends, when I was doing homework, or doing nothing at all. But as I sat down to think of such a time, I realized that this is every time I stop into Monte Alto. Whether I’m grabbing a quick coffee, or spending the afternoon there, every moment spent at Monte Alto is noteworthy.

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  1. virginia garlitzFebruary 4, 2016 at 2:01 pm #

    great to have your nice article about my favorite place in Plymouth-many happy hours here.

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