Changing Lives with Faith, Hope and Love

FHL Co Founders

Co-Founders: Laura Brusseau (L) and Jessica Dutille (R)

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to make a difference, this blog post should help! I knew that these young women were remarkable, but when I asked them to tell me about their organization, I was blown away by their drive and ongoing impact in the lives of local youth.

Ten years ago, Laura Brusseau, a second year high school teacher, was working with her students to make a difference in the world, when she realized that many of them were having troubles at home. Some were coming to school just to feel safe or eat meals instead of to learn. So, Laura called her friend and fellow teacher, Jess Dutille. Laura and Jess both grew up in loving homes and they wanted to do something to make sure that their students knew that “no matter what, someone had faith in them, there is always hope, and that they are loved.”

FHLIn a matter of four short months, Laura and Jess had established a board of directors, bylaws, a bank account, and the Faith, Hope and Love Foundation officially became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

The Foundation’s mission is to bring relief to children and youth suffering from poverty, hunger or homelessness and to bring them hope through faith and love, so they may accomplish all of their dreams.

They accomplish their mission in many impactful ways:

College Scholarships

More than 20 young adults have gone off to college with the support of the Faith, Hope and Love (FHL) Foundation since its inception. Criteria for qualifying students include: community service, extracurricular activities and recommendations showing a pay it forward attitude, character, integrity and a heart of compassion.

Overheard in a board meeting, while reviewing scholarship applications: “This is probably the most fulfilling thing I will ever do in my life.”

Enrichment Grants and Survival Funds

The Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars in grants to area youth ages 0-18 for enrichment activities such as summer camps, field trips and music lessons, as well as providing funds for survival needs in the form of gas cards, food and clothing.


The board of directors often volunteer with like-minded organizations such as Hands Across the TableFeed the Children, and Habitat for Humanity.

FHL Gowns

Gowns for Girls and Ties for Guys

Each year, FHL collects donations of prom dresses and dress shirts and ties to give to students in need, free of charge. This is happening now – find out how you can help!

Sharing the Inspiration

Founders Laura and Jess are often invited to speak for students and volunteers and were recently asked to be the keynote speakers at the New England Altrusa Conference in April.

“The young adults in our community inspire us, and that is why we do what we do.” -Laura

The Faith, Hope and Love Foundation is a completely volunteer-run organization; they “truly run on faith, hope and love.”  Every year the same donors donate anywhere from $5-500 and the foundation thrives off of these generous, heartfelt donations. 100 percent of donations are used for children and youth in NH.FHL group

“It only takes one person to transform the life of a child, and we are fortunate to have so many who care so deeply.  We extend support and unconditional love in efforts to inspire hope and empower young hearts.” – Jess Dutille

Two years ago, board member Lara Gruner became President of the Foundation. Lara has just as much enthusiasm and passion as Laura and Jess and has been a key factor in bringing the foundation to areas south of Concord, starting new initiatives and fostering new partnerships to further their mission.

This year, on April 30, the Foundation will celebrate 10 years of Faith, Hope and Love, and honor the 2016 College Scholarship recipients. All are welcome for a fun night of inspiration, food, dancing and raffles! Visit their event page for more information.

There are so many wonderful people and organizations making a difference in our own backyards! If you would like us to feature your nonprofit or know of an amazing NH professional giving back email


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