9 to 5: Chasing A Calling: From Disney To NH Business Owner

Peter Jude Ricciardi | Photo Credit: Raya On Assignment

Peter Jude Ricciardi | Photo Credit: Raya On Assignment

Have you ever wondered who powers all of the businesses in New Hampshire? Many of them are courageous, passionate, and driven individuals who strive for success and satisfaction in their careers. They aren’t pursuing a job, they’re chasing a calling. Peter Jude Ricciardi is one of those individuals.

From the magical world of Disney to the glistening shores of New Hampshire.

After 15 years as a creative at Disney, Ricciardi and his wife wanted a change. So, they decided to settle down outside of the city, closer to the ocean, to start their family. And, after years of working for someone else, he chose to make his own opportunity. In 2014, Ricciardi founded Your Creative Solutionist, a boutique creative agency based in New Hampshire, and hasn’t looked back.

“I just realized that, as I was freelancing for several agencies, I was capable of far more than I was being allowed to do,” he said. “It just made sense to create my own opportunity.”

As the creative director and conspirator, Ricciardi develops, designs, and imagines a brand story that attracts the attention of customers – and entices them to come back for more. It’s demanding work, but he thrives on it.

Finding balance within a whirlwind.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is important to Ricciardi. However, making time for everything can be a struggle, especially as a new business owner. Despite all of the demands he faces each day, Ricciardi works hard to make sure he finds balance. In fact, one of the biggest lessons he’s had to learn during this journey is how to say “no thank you,” and when to say it.

“I used to believe saying yes to everybody made me ‘available’ or open to opportunity, which it can,” he said. “But at some level you end up becoming less productive. My take away was simple: learning to say no to people or opportunities allows for more opportunities to say YES to!”

Getting over the bumps in the road.

It’s no secret that running a business comes with its fair share of challenges, even for Ricciardi. Whenever he needs a little extra burst of motivation, he takes a moment to read a greeting card above his computer that was sent to him, along with a check, from his wife’s grandfather when he first started his business.

The note, written in shaky, capital letters, said, “TO HELP YOU OVER THE BUMP IN THE ROAD – LOVE BEAR.” This simple note is one of Ricciardi’s biggest motivators.

“He believed in the success of this business,” he said. “I know there will always be bumps in the road, but what motivates me most is knowing I am capable of more.”

Chasing a calling.

Words of encouragement go a long way, but that’s not all that fuels Ricciardi when it comes to following his passion.

“As I continue to break new ground and provide creative content that has never been seen before, I know I am on the right track,” he said. “Being creative fuels me and forces me to try new things, and knowing that my family believes in me and is relying on me, catapults me over any bumps in the road.”

Learn more about Ricciardi and his New Hampshire business here.

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