Christmas Movies and that One Gift

At this time of year we talk a lot about traditions that families have around the holidays. One of my absolute favorite traditions that my family has is watching holiday movies together. We have always been a movie loving family and we sometimes speak in movie quotes to each other. I actually warned my now-husband that this was something that he was going to encounter a lot during family gatherings. So if you are still getting adjusted to the cold (or trying to stay out of the rain) and are finding yourself staying in more below is my list of some of my all time favorite Christmas movies.

The Malone tree 2014

The Malone tree 2014

  1. White Christmas – I am sure most of our readers have seen this movie but with its great cast of Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney it is an all time favorite of mine. It is a must watch this time of year and brought us one of the best Christmas songs, White Christmas!
  2. Trapped in Paradise – If you are looking for a heartwarming comedy this is the movie. Trapped in Paradise is another must watch in our family every holiday. It stars Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, and Nicolas Cage as three brothers who try to rob a bank on Christmas eve. You will not be disappointed!
  3. The Family Stone – Another heartwarming comedy about an uptight businesswoman (Sarah Jessica Parker) who accompanies her boyfriend (Dermot Mulroney) to his family Christmas celebration. Hilarity ensues with the other cast members Diane Keaton, Clair Danes, Craig T. Nelson, Luke Wilson, and Rachel McAdams to name just a few.
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas – I know I shouldn’t even have to put this on the list BUT it is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. Something about Snoopy’s dancing, Charlie Brown trying to direct a play that never happens, and Lucy giving advice to Charlie Brown at her psychiatric booth really brings me back to my childhood Christmas’. I can remember when it aired on TV once throughout the Christmas season and you better believe that we made sure to never miss it.
  5. Elf – Another no brainer but it has to be on my list. How can you not love seeing Will Ferrell in yellow tights for 90% of the movie? Throw in James Caan as Ferrell’s biological father and Bob Newhart as Ferrell’s adoptive Elf father and you have a great comedy!
  6. A Christmas Story – Who doesn’t love the story of Ralphie and his longing to have a Red Ryder BB Gun? We all had that one present that we truly wanted so badly, and still remember to this day how excited we were to receive it. I actually have two gifts that I remember. The first was my cat Squeaks that I got the Christmas that I was in fourth grade. I was so excited because my parents had told my sisters and I that we couldn’t have a pet, then out of the four daughters I got a cat of my very own. Can you still tell how excited I was?? My second favorite gift was my American Girl Doll, ah Kirsten! I loved that doll and was so excited to get her. I still have her and if I ever have a daughter I know that she will love it too! Anyone out there with a young daughter be prepared to purchase an American Girl Doll for your daughter!

What Christmas movie is your favorite? Also what was that one gift that you got as a child that you still remember being so excited about?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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