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IMG_2019I’m finally beginning to use the benefits of technology to my advantage when it comes to food. I had never been to The City Room Cafe on West Pearl Street in Nashua and had never actually heard of it, but found the place based on some great online reviews I saw. After Googling “best sandwich in Nashua, NH” this was a top result. So that’s where I headed and I could see why as the place was completely full when I walked in the door. The waitress quickly greeted me and told me it shouldn’t be long before a table opened up. Lucky for me that was the case and I got a table to do some work while I looked over the menu and enjoyed a hot beverage.

The menu is easy to read. There’s a lot of offerings but it’s not overwhelming which I like. One side is breakfast, which is served the whole time they’re open and the other side is lunch, sandwiches, soup, etc. The crepes caught my eye as you don’t see those on too many menus around here. Just listening to the people at other tables order, you can tell they have developed quite the following. The waitress kept asking people if they were having “the usual.”

I don’t have a “usual” yet, but I did have the Florentine Crepe and a cup of Vegetable Chili. Sidenote: I gave up meat for IMG_2018Lent so dining out gets interesting sometimes, but this place had me covered easily. It didn’t take long for my food to come and the chili was not only piping hot, but spicy hot too! It was perfect after walking around outside on a cold day! And it had real vegetables in it, not just peppers and onions like I’ve found at other places. Large broccoli florets, chunky mushrooms, and a thick, tomato base was the perfect, steamy cup of goodness. The crepe was delicious…there were actually two on the plate, bonus! And it came with home fries on the side. Those were pretty tasty too although I didn’t eat all of them because I had more than enough food between the chili and the two crepes.

Another great part about stumbling upon this place…the total came to $11.50! Not bad for more than enough food, great atmosphere, easy parking, and friendly service. Even though I grew up in Nashua, I’m still finding places like the City Room Cafe that are off the beaten path and provide a new experience. I will definitely be back there and I hope you pay them a visit too. They don’t have their own website so you’ll have to check out their Facebook page for more info!

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