Cold Coffees Connecting Customers

large ice coffee

The quaint town Pittsfield, New Hampshire is far from sleepy with the help of the local coffee shop Jitters, home of the largest ice coffees I have ever set eyes on. Located between the town veteran memorial and picturesque Suncook River Dam is the community focused coffee shop and restaurant.

Although, this is definitely a spot for locals I still felt welcomed as I stepped out of the hot sun and into the dimly lit restaurant. I was greeted with, “What can I get you my friend?” and a happy helpful staff.


Jitters not only serves delicious large coffees, baked goods, and a variety of traditional American breakfast, lunch and dinner options, but also its community. The first things I noticed was a donation jar for a local cause on the counter and on the wall was a newspaper cutout about the success of a coat drive for the Valley Rotary Club’s winter coat drive.

Friday nights are Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOD) and Sundays are all you can eat buffet. This eatery is great for groups and for kids. They offer takeout and catering. Check them out on their Facebook page.


I love finding spots like Jitter, because they always seem to open up a smaller town. They are the center of activity and you’ll always know what is going on if you have a connection here. Do you know any friendly spots like this in your town?

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