Concord Main Street Project

Have you been to down town Concord within the past few weeks? A lot of construction has been going on with the start of the Concord Main Street Project. Have you heard about or seen the mockups of what downtown Concord will look like when the project is completed in a couple years? It is going to be really great both for the public and the businesses along main street. Concord offers many family friendly and social events to the local community and numerous surrounding communities. Main street is closed off for events like Market Days, Halloween Howl, Midnight Merriment, and many more. It only seems right to make main street an even more desirable place to shop, grab a bite to eat, or find local entertainment.

Concord Main Street Project (Photo Courtesy of Concord Main Street Projects Facebook page)

Concord Main Street Project (Photo Courtesy of Concord Main Street Projects Facebook page)

Main street will go from a four lane road, down to a two lane road making it much safer for pedestrians. The sidewalks will be widened from 10 feet to 20 feet which will allow for more foot traffic. Also the project will be making accessibility improvements to many store fronts for patrons. Many new items such as streetlights, benches, trees, planters, and signage will be added, along with a cobblestone median down the center of the street.

The project will be completed in multiple phases with the first phase being completed any day now. From the spring until fall of 2015 phase two will be worked on and completed and then phase three will be completed from the spring until the fall of 2016 which will be the end of the project.

The Concord Main Street Project has created a survival guide with the dates and information for the project and you can find these guides at many stores and restaurant’s around downtown. You can also follow the project on the Concord Main Street Projects website or their Facebook page.

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