Consign to Design a Fall Wardrobe in Portsmouth NH

fallThis past week I packed away my summer shorts and dresses and then had a mini panic attack after checking the weather and realizing I had forgotten how to dress for fall. Following a flourish of clothes being yanked from hangers and tossed onto my bed, I decided it was time to freshen up my wardrobe. I arranged piles of clothes for donation and consignment, and took inventory of needed fall/winter staple items.

I’m sharing this fashion freakout with you because in the past year I’ve developed a love of consignment selling and shopping, and I recommend it to friends and family all the time. I’m sure there are some lovely consignment boutiques near your home in New Hampshire. I favor Second Time Around and Wear House in Portsmouth.

I have an account at Second Time Around, and they make it so easy to bring in consignment pieces. I usually opt for the drop-off option where I can bring in items from my closet and the STA team later reviews the contents of my drop-off and decides what they will sell and what they will donate to a local charity.

After your first drop-off, you can create an online account to track your sales, and if your items sell, you can collect a check or store credit the following month. It’s so easy! With the extra cash in your pocket and more space in your closet, you can really take inventory of the clothes you have that you love and the pieces you need to purchase. I have yet to consign at Wear House, although I frequent the store often. Their consigning process is straightforward, their website easy to navigate, and their social media presence impressive.

second time around instagramOnce you’ve cleaned out and consigned, it’s time to be picky about filling the new space in your closet. If you’ve been eyeing a pricey item, your consignment cash will make the purchase a bit less painful, or you can check in at your consignment store to see if someone perhaps decided to consign the item of your dreams! I pop into my local consignment boutiques every week or so to scout out new items, and I also love that both Second Time Around and Wear House have Instagram accounts which are updated frequently with favorite new items. As soon as you see something you like, you can visit the store to check it out, or even call ahead to claim the online find.

the wear house instagramIf you live in Portsmouth, I recommend checking out Second Time Around and Wear House.  Also, I would love to hear of any other NH consignment shops I should visit in my travels.

Cheers to fall fashion and feeling awesome about creating a wardrobe with a smaller carbon footprint!

Second Time Around
19 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH

Wear House
74 Congress St
Portsmouth, NH 03801

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