Copper Cannon Cleanup

As my bank won’t accept volunteer blogging in lieu of mortgage payments, my workdays find me in Franconia at Garnet Hill (GH). The company has a special relationship with nearby Copper Cannon Camp in Bethlehem. In addition to hosting some of Garnet Hill’s outstanding staff parties throughout the year, the camp is also the site of our annual volunteer day: Copper Cannon Cleanup.

Copper Cannon Camp

Copper Cannon Camp is a non-profit summer camp offering a free traditional summer camp experience to low-income New Hampshire children. Since its inception in 1963, the camp has hosted more than 20,000 children. The summer camp strives to offer children more than just games and activities. Attendees enjoy healthy meals and bond over family-style meals. By the end of the summer session many kids have formed friendships and memories to last for years to come.

Copper Cannon Cleanup

Garnet Hill’s Copper Cannon Cleanup is an annual day of giving back to the community. The staff takes part in maintenance, art projects, construction, and more to help ready the camp for summer. For us GH employees, the day serves as a way to bond with our fellow coworkers as well. Copper Cannon’s Executive Director Pete Christnacht instructs each volunteer to be safe, meet someone new, and keep a PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.

Planning this year’s Cleanup proved a bit of a challenge, putting emphasis on everyone’s PMAs. Our first date was canceled due to poor weather. And on the rain date? Rain. Despite Ma Nature’s lack of cooperation, us industrious GH’ers pulled up our boot straps, donned our rain coats, and got to work.

Mercifully I was moved from my initial project – woodchipping now-sodden limbs – to construction inside Ben’s Den. My mammoth 5’6” stature made me a quite literal good fit for framing the attic space.

Three foot crawl space? Where’s Bill?

If you asked some of the Garnet Hill employees, I’m sure they’ll tell you the weather didn’t make a stitch of difference for this year’s effort. Spending the day supporting Copper Cannon and having fun with our coworkers is what mattered most. Summer camp goes on rain or shine – why wouldn’t we?

Photos courtesy of Marjorie Sanborn.

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