Corinna’s Five Favorite Apps

In today’s world if it takes more than a minute to load it’s too long. This tech movement is only enabled by the incredible apps that are available on mobile devices now! My iPhone is practically an extension of my right hand, not to mention I am glued to my computer, and contemplating surrendering to Apple and hopping on the iPad wagon. Apps have become the quickest and easiest ways to get info, share it, and have fun. It’s all about instant gratification. I am constantly updating and searching for new Apps and being a young adult in today’s tech savvy society, if you don’t know the latest apps, you might as well be in social Siberia. My top 5 apps right now are a mix of work and play.

#1: I recently discovered ShopSavvy an app that allows you to scan a product and it will show the best price and which retailer to get it at. This is an app must have for a college student on a budget!

#2: I always love checking out people’s awesome photos and sharing some of my adventures. I recently have become addicted to Pic Stitch where I can edit and combine a few photos into one frame. It’s awesome if you have a great picture but you love a few different angles.

#3: If you’re similar to me, you’re always looking for something new to add to your playlist. I strongly suggest downloading Shazam. This app is one you just activate and hold up to a radio playing a song you are rocking out to but know you won’t remember the name let alone the lyrics in about twenty minutes. It will give you all of the song info right then so you can download it later.

#4: Getting ready for senior year is a scary thought because I know that in 9 months I will officially be in the real world. Luckily for me I am entering the job market at a unique time in terms of technology and how it impacts the work environment. . With the GoToMeeting app, which you can use on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, you can have virtual conferences to view presentations, mockup reports and share screens.

#5: Finally my Nook app, which I use all of the time, is vital to my phone. I have a Nook from Barnes and Noble with my library on it and more often than not I fall asleep reading and drop my book which ends up somewhere in the trenches under my bed. In my frantic rush in the morning I typically forget to grab my Nook and I end up finding myself somewhere with nothing to entertain myself. Then I found out I can download the Nook app and access my library right from my iPhone. This was a miraculous discovery for me.

In a world where innovation is the new frontier, today’s young adult must be well equipped with the tools for survival. Updating and utilizing new and cool apps are the perfect way to stay connected from anywhere.

Corinna DaCruz

Corinna grew up in Windham, New Hampshire where she still resides. She is currently a senior at Southern New Hampshire University studying Communication with a dual-minor in public relations and fashion merchandising. She is currently the PR/social media intern at GY&K Marketing, a Manchester based mid-size marketing agency, where she is able to utilize apps and social media daily and apply them to real work for clients.