Dance Like No One is Watching!

4-6-2015It was January, and I was at a ski conference for a couple days. After dinner (and, let’s be honest, a couple of drinks) with a group of colleagues, I was very easily convinced to try a hip hop dance class for adults that is offered weekly in Conway. I didn’t fully understand what I was getting myself into at the time…

I freely admit that I am not at all coordinated when it comes to things like dancing, aerobics, musical instruments, etc. When it comes to moving my feet in one direction and my arms in another, particularly to rhythms, I just can’t function. It gets worse when full size mirrors are added, as I instantly forget how left and right work. So with that said, going to a hip hop dance class basically meant making a fool out of myself in front of a bunch of people. This isn’t something that is typically in my wheelhouse.

So, the time came for class to start and, being a woman of my word, I signed up for six weeks. Great decision! I love, love, love this class… Adult Hip Hop Dance at Creative Sole Studio. The studio is quaint and cute, appropriate for young ballerinas first learning, all the way up to adults who want to learn to dance, or continue to dance, or just move and laugh and get a great workout at the same time. The studio is warm and welcoming and very un-intimidating. I credit the dance instructor, Robin Bennett, for creating such a relaxing, carefree, and supportive environment. One of the things that I love about the class is that she’s not just teaching us dance moves… She is inspiring us to let loose, do our best, have fun, and most importantly, to love ourselves for who we are.

4-6-2015 3

A little wisdom at Creative Sole Studio’s registration desk.

In this little journey I have taken, I have learned that is okay to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I told Robin after our last class that this is something completely different for me, and that I don’t usually do things that I am not good at. But, that’s crazy! I see it now. Now, I want to conquer the things that I am not good at. I’m moving forward without fear of failure. It’s a really great feeling.

If you can’t visit one of Robin’s classes, or if dance is already in your comfort zone, I challenge you to go out and try something new and different; something that you know would be a challenge for you. You will conquer it, feel amazing, and maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same. If it turns out you really just weren’t born to do it (like I am not born to be a dancer), just do what I do… Dance like no one is watching.

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