Did somebody say cupcake?

1Cupcakes have been around since the 1700’s, and in 1919 Hostess Cupcakes were born, but not until 2000 did they get there big break on the hit TV show Sex in the City and as they say the rest is history.

2According to the website foodbeast since 2008 the cupcake industry in the United States has exploded! Currently it’s a 200 million dollar industry even though some of those cupcakes can be up to 700 calories! I wonder how many weight watchers points that is?

The average cupcake is $3 and can be up to 4 servings! Last year 13% of weddings opted for cupcakes rather than the traditional wedding cake. You can get any flavor literally-lasagna, sweet potato, vegan, grapefruit, French toast, beets, you name it they have it!

3There are many television shows that even feature cupcake competitions! New Hampshire’s own White Mountain Cupcakery took home the prize on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars which has approximately 1.6 million viewers.

4If you are in the mood to try a variety of cupcakes and flavors and have all of the proceeds go to a great cause you should check out theLakes Region Habitat for Humanity fundraiser this Saturday March 16th at the The Historic Belknap Mill in downtown Laconia. All proceeds will go towards the non profits 32nd build in the Lakes Region and 1st Handicapped Accessible Home which will be located in Franklin.

I have personally met the new family that the house is being built for and they are so genuine and grateful for the community and the outpouring of support which they are receiving.

Not only do you get to visit one of the oldest mills in the United States and the only knitting museum in the United States, you get to help out a wonderful cause, and stuff your face for only $10!!!

tumblr_inline_mjjxz0Ku9B1qz4rgpSeveral locally owned businesses will be showing a themed display and 15 dozen cupcakes with their most popular flavor! Some flavors just to name a few are Almond Joy, Vanilla Bean, Caramel, and S’mores! Your $10 admission gets you one cupcake from each local business owner!

The businesses participating are:

I’ll be volunteering at the event so I hope to see you there!!!

What is your favorite flavored cupcake? Where is your favorite cupcakery in New Hampshire?