A Different Look for Spring Cleanup

spring cleanup Were you someone that wished winter would last a little longer for the sole reason that you don’t want to do a spring cleanup? I doubt there are many of you that felt that, but I know many of you are dreading having to do endless chores and spring cleaning. I learned last weekend, a different way to look at spring cleaning, and think about it more positively heading into summer.

Inside Cleaning

There is nothing super exciting about giving your house a good cleaning, getting out the summer gear and putting away the winter ones, but in fact if you think about it differently, it may make you feel better. Think of it now only as a cleanse of your house, but also of your mind and soul. You have spent the entire winter letting things pile up in areas of your house and now you get the chance to organize everything! I found some things the other day when cleaning out closets and the attic that made me excited about what spring and summer are going to bring.

Also, during my cleaning, I got to get rid of a bunch of stuff that I no longer needed, and with that I felt relieved to be getting more organized. There is nothing worse than realizing you might be a pack rat, so just throwing things out is great! By thinking positively about the cleanup, it motivated me to get it done quicker.

Outside Cleaning

Now that spring is here, you might as well get the work gloves on, the rakes out, and prime that lawn mower! This is my favorite part of spring cleaning. I love taking care of my yard and garden, as you know from past posts. During the winter, heavy snow and high winds have made your yard look like a battlefield. Fortunately I raked in the fall so I don’t have to worry about that, but many of you will. Doing outdoor yard maintenance is a great exercise. You get out, in the sun, use muscles you haven’t used all winter, and feel good about it/yourself. Also, as a plus side, you can always dust off your fire pit and burn the tree limbs that have fallen down, and even the old Christmas tree sitting in the woods could make for some tall flames.

As a last note to all this, it is even more rewarding to pop the top of your favorite beverage and admire all your hard work (and you’ll feel less guilty about it too!). Well, now my yard is clean and it’s time to get the garden back in full swing. My seedlings have started to pop up in the house and the threat of frost should be behind us!

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