Do you have a NH Resolution?

I never saw the Old Man in the Mountain.

Or at least, not in person. Having grown up in southern New Hampshire, just a short two hour ride to the White Mountains, people have always been surprised to hear that I never saw the infamous profile of the Old Man before his collapse in 2003.

I’ve also never gone skiing up in the White Mountains. Or climbed Mount Washington. I’ve never seen the summer lupines in full bloom up north. And I’ve never ridden the Mount Washington Cog Railway in Bretton Woods, which happens to be the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railroad.

And yes, I grew up and have since lived in New Hampshire. You wouldn’t think so by hearing that I have yet to do all of these things that are so quintessentially “New Hampshire,” but when you’re lucky to live in such close proximity to the mountains, the lakes, and the seashore, you tend to take these things for granted.

Another Stay Work Play blogger, Micaela, recently mentioned her resolution to get back on her snowboard and it got me thinking about all of the things that I’ve always wanted to do as a New Hampshirite, but that I’ve always seemingly had the excuses to put on my “I’ll do it later” list. These are all things that I want to do in the coming year. And though I can’t see the Old Man in what was once his formerly rugged, profiled glory, I can still visit the base site to see the mountain summit where he once was. I plan on making that trip this summer.

Granite Staters, is there anything that you haven’t done in New Hampshire? What would you put on your NH to-do list for the new year ahead?