Doing Good New Hampshire with Courtney Murphy

This week I had the privilege of speaking with Courtney Murphy of Dover.  Courtney was raised in Dover, and after graduating from the University of NH with a degree in finance, she decided to buy her own home in the town she was raised! Today she is a Senior Treasury Analyst at Liberty Mutual and an active community member giving back whenever she is able.

When I asked Courtney why she decided to stay, work, and play in New Hampshire she said; “I love New Hampshire! It has a variety of jobs, wonderful neighbors and when it comes to getting outside you can’t beat it. You have the lakes, the mountains and the ocean! I can be at the ocean in fifteen minutes or take an hour drive north to hit the mountains for a hike or to ski.” 

When Courtney isn’t working or volunteering you can find her at Seacoast Kettlebell (SKB), where she has been a member for eight years. She says joining SKB was by far one of the best decisions of her life. She said that she loves the community outreach and charity workouts that they host. She is inspired by the positive and uplifting community she has met there. Another favorite spot is Flight Coffee. She attributes the amazing owner, staff, and local musicians that share their talents with the community.

Courtney is currently working on Redlining the hiking trails in the Belknap Range, and working towards completing the 48 4,000 footers in NH. A few years ago she joined Girls Who Hike NH, a group that empowers women to reach their hiking goals. Courtney also enjoys riding horses competitively and going on adventures with her pup, Sadie, especially in the White Mountains, Wagon Hill in Durham, and the Dover Community Trail. With all of this activity enjoying the 603, Courtney unwinds at Body Mechanix Massage, another locally owned business that gives back to its community and its members!

Courtney is passionate about suicide prevention, cleaning up our beautiful trails and waterways, and helping local community outreach programs, like baking holiday cookies for the Dover Community Partners!  

Courtney’s work in the community:

  • Courtney and her sister raised over $2,000 the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In the fall they completed a 5k walk, and this past May they completed a marathon (26.2 miles) raising awareness about suicide. 
  • She supports Three Rivers Stocking Association – this is a non-profit that her Grandfather volunteers with and serves as the President. They work hard to keep rivers in NH clean and stocked so that our community members can enjoy fishing. They collaborate with the United Way and Project Healing Waters to help people who may have physical obstacles so that they can learn how to fish. 
  • Courtney enjoys volunteering with local community 5K races that raise money for charity and that bring people together.
  • She is very fortunate to work for an employer who sees the value of volunteering and forming community relationships. With work she has partaken in beach cleanups on our seacoast.
  • Courtney is extremely grateful to have family, friends, and her partner Ethan that support her in all that she does.

When I asked Courtney why she got involved in volunteering and what advice she would give young professionals looking to give back, she said,

I have always enjoyed volunteering, it was just something that came naturally to me. I love to be involved in different events and spend time in the community. It is never too late to get started and don’t stress about it. If you can only give a little bit of time, you will still be making a difference.”

“Nobody else’s footsteps lead exactly where you’re going.”

There are so many wonderful people and agencies making a difference in our own backyards! 

We all can make a positive change in our communities – it starts with us!

Until next time – Do Good NH!!!

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