Doing Good NH with Katie Barnfield

This week I spoke with Katie Barnfield of Hampstead. Katie is a special education teacher in Concord, and the President and Founder of Aubrielle’s Hope, a non-profit that provides financial aid to NH families who lose a child five years and younger. 

Katie was born and raised in Londonderry, and although not a huge fan of winter, she absolutely loves living in New Hampshire and being close to her family. She could not imagine living anywhere else! She loves that she is just minutes away from the lake, the mountains, and the ocean. When Katie isn’t volunteering or working, you’ll be sure to find her hiking. She is currently working on the 48 4,000 footers and is at #34. Katie also loves boating with friends on Big Island Pond in Hampstead. 

Katie has the heart to serve and loves giving back. She participates in the yearly Breast Cancer Awareness Walks and gives back to Cancer organizations such as the “My Breast Cancer Support” Group out of Portsmouth. In 2016, after the death of her niece, she decided to start a non-profit, to help families that face a child’s death. She never realized the unexpected cost these families have to endure so she took action to help!

Five Facts to Know about Aubrielle’s Hope: 

  1. Started in honor of Katie’s niece Aubrielle. Aubrielle only lived a short while, but her legacy lives on helping families in NH.
  2. The organization is 100 percent volunteer! No paid workers, and nine dedicated board members.
  3. The logo is a picture of baby feet, but if you look closely, one foot only has three toes. Aubrielle was born with only three toes on one foot so the logo is her feet.
  4. In 2017, the non-profit received the Grappone Year of Service Award.
  5. In 2019, the Concord Monitor featured Aubrielle’s Hope and the work they do for families in NH.

Want to learn more? Information on donating, volunteering, or participating in an event can be found on their website You can follow them on Facebook or email them at

Upcoming Events to Support Aubrielle’s Hope: 

When I asked Katie what advice would she offer to young professionals wanting to give back, she said:

find something you are passionate about and work off of that. Look into charities in your area that have the same interests as you and start volunteering there. If there are not many charities that work on what you are interested in, make your own. Reach out to those in business, lawyers, etc that you know and ask for help. Although it takes a lot of work to run your own nonprofit, the impact you can have on the people and world around you is worth it. 

“The greatest glory in living, lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

– Nelson Mandela

There are so many wonderful people and agencies making a difference in our own backyards…

We all can make a positive change in our communities – it starts with us!

Until next time – Do Good NH!!!

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