Don’t forget the 10 year old “You”

As we young professionals continue to grow in our careers and mature as adults, lest we forget our youth that got us here.  Not only the lessons we have learned along the path towards being grownups, or the people that have influenced us, but the juvenile innocence that we have all experienced.  With no responsibilities and tons of free time, we inevitably filled it up with mischief, entertainment, and joy.   All of the duties we assume as adults we sometimes overlook what it was like to be a kid, or let the kid inside of us come out.

One of the many things that keep me happy is the freedom to express myself as I did during my youth.  I like to maintain the ability to let loose and have fun without any cares or business to hold me back.  I think of the times when I was young and did not concern myself with getting injured during horseplay or hooting and hollering when exciting things occurred.  This side of me if still very prevalent in a lot of my daily doings, as my co-workers and close friends can attest to.

This year I got to live out one of my childhood fantasies and went on my first visit to Disney World!  For the whole week, I was 10 again.  I ran from ride to ride, waved to the characters, and ate like a king, all with an ear-to-ear grin on my face.  The trip was, as they say, magical.  The feelings I experienced will never be lost on me, and I will never be as much of a kid again, as I was that week.  It felt good to not have any burdens and be young again, but that’s also what a vacation is all about and not relevant to this story of adolescence.

Every season brings out a different side of this youth inside of me.  I splash around in the water, I make a riot of screams as I ski down a hill, and burst out laughing with a face full of snow as I emerge from the fresh powder.  Jumping into piles of newly raked leaves, and stomping through mud puddles from an April shower are each, ways to remember what it’s like to be a kid again.  I would be happy to run around like the 10 year old me all on my own but fortunately, Lindsay and Willow share my passion for this style of living!

Something else that makes me remember my earlier era are the holidays.  A time when smells, sights and sounds can bring you back to your first Thanksgiving with family, or the smell of pine in your living room, and even staying up past our bedtime to watch the clock turn to 12 AM on the 1st.  I was reminded this year of my childhood Christmases as I decorated my own tree with the decorations that adorned the tree at my mother’s house during my youth.  Every time I wake up and turn on the lights I remember what a tree looks like with boxes and bags surrounding its base as if the tree rooted itself to the living room in a colorful, above ground fashion.

This may seem a tad immature to write about and certainly something to laugh at, but truly it is important to me to be like this.  I am sure all of you have laughed harder and smiled bigger when you relived something from your childhood.  I am quite certain that the older we get the more we forget about the things that made us happy back then, but I will always try to maintain my juvenescence.  If you try it yourself, you will want to hold onto those feelings forever.