You Don’t Have to Leave the 603 for an Innovative Work Space


In this day and age, every professional is not only looking for a good job at a recognizable company, but they also want the “Google Model.” Over the past few weeks I have read countless articles about companies in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Chicago that are homes to innovative offices, but what about in our back yard?

This blog post aims to show readers that you do not need to move across the country for some of the coolest offices; they can be found right here in New Hampshire! These three businesses represent insurance, marketing and technology, and have unique ideas about what an innovative space is.

36creative_chalkboard wall

We will begin with 36creative, an integrated marketing agency. The company not only gets creative with their client campaigns, but takes that creativity to their walls. Their office is filled with chalkboard walls, allowing employees to draw inspiration, and with whiteboard meeting rooms they are able to plan out campaigns in a big and visual way. They follow a mantra of “we make it better,” and believe that having a creative space for their employees is an important factor in their clients’ success.

Next is LTC Partners, a benefits administrator that works with federal benefits contracts. Working in the insurance industry, this company understands the importance of health, and their approach to the “Google Model” is no exception.  LTC Partners began a fitness plan and distributed free fitness trackers to employees who completed a health questionnaire. After administering the trackers, they began to offer employees incentives and contests to everyone who participated in the healthy lifestyle. The program was so successful that they have increased their offering to include nutrition education, health fairs, holistic programs, and a weight loss program. Overall, they have noticed that healthier employees leads to a healthier work environment.Badminton court

The last company featured in this article is Zco Corporation, a custom software development company. One of the biggest perks at Zco is the indoor badminton court. The space hosts company bonding and acts as the training facility for badminton tournaments at YMCA Nashua and Boston Badminton. When not on the court, Zco employees gather together for a weekly Wednesday lunch. For employees wanting to go green, Zco offers a premium electric car charging station. This company has a focus on a team culture, and their office perks definitely showcase this belief.

team zco_1

Overall, New Hampshire boasts a ton of innovation and creative spaces! Whether you are looking to express your creative freedom, improve your health at work, or join a thriving team, there is an office space that will fit your idea of a “Google Model.” To meet some of these companies, visit local networking events including the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, Concord Chamber of Commerce, and Manchester Chamber of Commerce. If you are a student looking for an internship or a New Hampshire resident looking for your next career, be sure to visit the Stay Work Play Job portal for great openings at local New Hampshire organizations.

What are some other modern amenities in your office? Let us know by leaving a comment.


Kathryn Bisson is a marketing professional at Zco Corporation, a custom software development company in Nashua, NH. She contributes to the Zco Corporation blog with pieces about tradeshows, industry trends, and company news. When not in the office, Kathryn enjoys trying the latest fitness trends, learning about new restaurants, and experimenting with new recipes in her home kitchen. You can follow Kathryn on Twitter @bissonkatie.

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