Drooling in the Monadnock Region

It should come as no surprise to anyone that while starting out in a new job, you are bound to have some stress. Shoot, I think that might be any job, regardless of how long you’ve been there. Couple that work stress with a high-energy and excessive attention-to-detail person in the midst of wedding planning, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an easy snap. (P.S. I’m talking about myself). 

Around Valentine’s Day, I guess the fray was beginning to show, and my mom (thankyouthankyouthankyou) found a great deal at a local studio for a facial and a massage. After getting herself one, she picked up on for me as well. Now I am not normally a massage fan, and in fact, the idea of meeting someone and taking off my clothing is a bit too Kardashian for my liking. After having a horrible experience in high school with my first massage at European Esthetics in Peterborough (side note: the massage there was fab, the fact the no one told me to shave my legs- not fab. The poor woman caught me in the dead center of a winter leg hair fiasco, yikes), my sense of massages usually included a horrible memory of embarrassment and discomfort. So with hesitation, but hope, I went onto the website for the gift certificate and booked an appointment.

The place that I ended up driving to was New England in every sense of the word. It was in an old house, along with several other offices on a side street off the beaten path. My level of concern over these situations has dropped significantly since living here, and I now think nothing of walking up to a house and walking in with the hopes of finding the right location. So in I went to find myself standing in front of a lawyer’s office (ironic?), with the studio on the second floor. Following the signs, I found Blossom Skin Care Studio & Spa, which turned out to be a little slice of heaven. After meeting Kelly, who immediately put me at ease with her warm personality, I was run through the program of events, so to speak, to alleviate any anxiety. The game plan: 90 minutes total of some sort of body exfoliating thing, followed by massage, followed by facial. I was drooling already, and with my freshly shaved legs, I couldn’t wait to get started.

I started face down on the table, which was heated an amazing, and Kelly began on my legs with exfoliating gloves and worked her way around to my arms and back. See ya later, winter skin! This was followed by warm towels, which is where I legitimately started drooling. That was followed by oil massages into my limbs and back. After rolling over, the fronts of my legs and arms had the same treatment of scrub, warm, massage, which would have been plenty, but I still had a whole 45 minutes left. I cannot even begin to tell you what was done on my face, neck, and upper chest region, but it was magical. At one point, there was a paintbrush used which was a great change in sensation. At this time, I also had a warming pad on my tummy, so I was in a sandwich of warm. Kelly finished up with the facial part, and began working on my neck and shoulders, which is were I carry most of my tension. She ended the session with a scalp massage and let me get up at my own pace.

(Blossom Skin Carer logo from their website)

The whole experience was ridiculously amazing, and I was put at such ease, both from the massage and facial, but from Kelly as well. I think that I might have found my new favorite indulgence, and sadly for my wallet, one that is only 5 miles from my apartment. If you’re ever in the area, and finding yourself stressed and needing some love, step off the beaten path and into Blossom Skin Care Studio and Spa.