Dyn is Crowned with the Stay Work Play Leadership Award!

dyn1.) Why is it important to you to work for a company like Dyn who is so supportive of New Hampshire?

Like a lot of people at Dyn, I grew up in New Hampshire and have a deep love for the state. It is really rewarding to work for a company that works so hard to put New Hampshire on the international map. I’ve always felt that the rules are changing. You no longer need to move to Boston or New York to be part of a global company. You can live where you want, have the quality of life you desire and be in the geographic area of your choosing. But for that idea to come true you need to have companies like Dyn to make that a reality. There success should only inspire other companies and people to realize: anything is possible. It is really cool to be a part of that.

2.) How has Dyn helped you to “live your American Dream?”

Dyn is really good about allowing their employees the flexibility to own their jobs. If you have a talent and something you love, they let you run with it. That can make your work life very rewarding and, since we spend so much of our lives at work, it makes your entire life more enjoyable. Coming home from a hard day of work and feeling fulfilled is a great feeling. It is definitely the American dream you don’t want to wake up from.

3.) What is your favorite part about the unconventional atmosphere in the office?

While it’s cool to have a climbing wall and Segways, my favorite thing about the atmosphere at Dyn is the camaraderie. Even though it is a competitive atmosphere and people work very hard, everyone seems to enjoy it and so they’re in good moods all the time. As a result we’re able to joke and have a good time together. When you work with people you truly like it is always easier to go that extra mile to get a job done. I’ve made many friendships that now extend outside of office hours.

4.) If you could describe Dyn in 5 words, what would they be?

Big things coming… Stay tuned!


Adam Coughlin is the Media & Content Coordinator at Dyn.