Easy Summer Recipes That You Can Do!

This may become a two part blog or maybe a seasonal one because I LOVE to cook and make random delicious food. Here are a few things I’ve done lately that are quick, easy, and relatively healthy.20150707_184830

This first one is not a food item or anything terribly out of the box, it is simply water. In this summer heat we all need to stay hydrated but ice water gets boring after a few glasses and everything else is full of sugar. I have started to flavor water or fruit, vegetables and herbs. My go to and favorite (for its taste and health benefits) is lemon, cucumber and mint. I came across this recipe because it was called “Skinny Water” on some website out there and I was immediately interested. Now, I’m not claiming anything but I do think that it is delicious and seems to help at least maintain my weight.

Something I have always wanted to try and make myself were spring rolls so I tried that this summer, and it was so simple. Well I should say it was simple once I found the rice rolls because they don’t exist at supermarkets for some reason (you can use wonton wrappers if you want to fry them, and those are at stores). I used, and sliced; lettuce, spinach, carrots, green onions, shrimp, basil and mint. All you have to do is layer them into the rice wrapper and roll them up!

IMG_20150630_185223Let me just say that I am in no way a vegetarian, at all, but I do try to eat vegetarian a couple nights a week. My roommate and I found a recipe for a veggie burger that we made our own adjustments to. Here is the original Food Network recipe for Sweet Pea Burgers. We followed the recipe but added a large clove of garlic and a pinch of cinnamon. I also made a green onion aioli for the top, simply just mayo, chopped green onion and garlic. This is very simple just make sure you cook the sweet potato completely.

The last easy meal I’ll share today is flat bread pizza! Now this you can really do anything you want to, and it’s so easy! I either buy flat bread dough already made or just stretch pizza dough really thin. Again, with pizza you can do whatever your heart desires. My favorite things to put on mine are; pesto (or olive oil and garlic), shredded and fresh mozzarella, broccoli, onions (yellow or red), spinach, tomatoes and a little parmesan cheese. So delicious!

Happy eating!

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