Economical Playing in the Granite State

It’s nearing that time of year where I am starting to feel antsy to do things. The holidays have passed, so there is little excuse to eat whatever I want and lay around the apartment, but it’s not quite spring where I’m motivated to go out hiking or any of the other outdoors-y things that I enjoy. So here I am, looking for things to do, but on a wedding planning budget, so where does that leave me?

In efforts to shake things up a bit in my world and deviate from the standard routine of work, eat, Netflix, and sleep, I’ve been looking around for interesting and lower cost things to do. Much to my surprise, libraries are more hip than I thought. I am a nerd through and through, so when my fiancé and I first moved to Keene, the list of priorities for me (and consequently, him) went: finding a place to live, changing our licenses, registering to vote (it was right before the election) and getting a library card. Everything else fell to the wayside, like updating utilities and cable. Once I had that card in hand, I immediately signed up for email notifications. If you haven’t already done so, and your library offers one- do it! I had no idea that the public library runs free events throughout the week at different times! Every Wednesday night, for example, they have a movie night, usually a documentary, starting at 7:00pm. There are classes during the day for parents with young children, and after school activities for teens. Maybe I’m not as nerdy as I thought, but I never thought to go to the library for anything more than taking out materials.

unbridledchocolatesRecently, I met up with my mom for brunch at a local chocolate shop in a town nearby, Marlborough. If you read the post about what makes NH sexy, you’ll know the shop I’m talking about. Unbridled Chocolates has just started serving brunch on the weekends, and man, is the food great! My mom and I got to talking to one of the chocolate chefs, and while on the topic of wine and chocolate pairing, he mentioned a local winery in Swanzey, Cameron’s Winery LLC. Check out this article to read about about how they got their recent start. After hearing great things from “Mr. Chocolate”, as we now call him, my mom and I headed down to Swanzey, a town bordering Keene, to see if we could find the winery. Fate was smiling on us that afternoon, and the couple was having a free wine sampling just as we wandered in their door. I am not a wine fan by any means, but if I can rave about this wine, I would circle it on the map as a must-stop when you’re next passing through this area. An unplanned purchase of a bottle of blueberry wine and a bottle of cranberry wine have made me a huge fan of this small local business. And to think, I never ever would have known this existed without rubbing elbows with a fellow local. 

It’s an interesting balance here in Keene, trying to find fun things to do economically that don’t leave you running around with the college students. I feel like I’m slowly figuring out how to find out about the behind the scenes events and where to find things off the beaten path to balance the “play”, while not breaking the bank. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about how to find more things to do? Aside from talking with local shop owners or stumbling into things, how do you learn about local events?