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So today is Valentine’s Day, happy day of love to everyone out there. By now since most of you know I am getting married this year, you would expect that my post will revolve around my best friend and true love Lindsay, about how we will share a romantic evening at a restaurant tonight, because we don’t have kids yet and weekday outings are a normal thing. You may think that I will write about the best things couples can do and where in New Hampshire they can do them, and since my title is “Everyone has a love” you would be anticipating Cupid’s arrow to fly through my words. Well despite how much Lindsay means to me, and how true those other things are, my post today is about another love of mine, powder.

Winter storm Nemo, to many, was something disastrous. Media hyped it up as the storm to remember (especially since they are naming these things now), grocery stores were jam packed with people prepping to hunker down for days without power. You literally couldn’t find bottled water anywhere…. South of New Hampshire. Granted, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were going to get hit hard, which they were, so I can understand some cause for concern. However, for me and many other residents of New Hampshire, this storm meant minimal lines at the mountain, almost void of neighboring state’s license plates in the lots, and powder on a weekend.

cannonNemo wasn’t expected to hit as hard in our neck of the woods, but still it promised more snow in one falling than we have seen all year. Starting on Wednesday of last week, I was gearing up for Saturday’s trip to Cannon. I couldn’t wait to ski through the trees and carom through moguls. While most were feeling negative about losing power and being stuck inside for a few days, my thoughts were all about getting into my car early and getting on the first lift.

Once I got on that first chair, with powder in my sights, wind and cold was the last thing on my mind. Our group hit the landing at the top and set off on a day filled with adjusting to powder skiing, falling in deep drifts, jumping where we could, and navigating every bump the mountain through our way. It was one of the best days of skiing I have had out east. I won’t even get into my story of recent travels to Utah, where I got to ski powder out west for the first time! I wouldn’t want that to impede on how awesome the ski days in New Hampshire can be. All in all this has been one of my favorite ski seasons in recent memory.

I know the winters aren’t what they used to be, but you have to take the opportunities to make the most of them. I have written about winter activities before and right now I would say this is my favorite season, especially when powder is in the forecast. Tell me you didn’t have fun making a snowman, or sledding this past weekend, I dare you. Even friends of mine that hate the snow, enjoyed it. Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day Lindsay! I do love you too! And to everyone else, what’s one of your loves?

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