Fall Has Arrived


Photo: Tenley Soduer

I could never imagine living in area of the country where they hardly understand what seasons even are. Sure, I may hate winter with a passion, but a beautiful spring day is something I would never trade.

Fall will always be one of my favorite times of the year. That period between the harsh summer heat and the bitter cold winters of New England, fall is that perfect time of year that prepares me for the months ahead of me.

If you’re like me, fall means much more then pumpkin spice flavored everything. It means breathing in the crisp New Hampshire air, watching the leaves fall as they change color, and tons of autumn themed pictures on Instagram.

Growing up in Dover, Apple Harvest Day was always a day to look forward to. Rain or shine, vendors from around the Seacoast line up along Central Avenue, as the street becomes a massive walking street for the day. It is always a day spent seeing people from around town, while the smell of fresh apples lingers in the air. Apple Harvest Day will always be my favorite, but there are plenty of other festivals around the state in the fall including the Warner Fall Foliage Festival, Deerfield Fair, and of course Pumpkin Festival.

Along with fall festivals, one of my favorite past times with my family will be picking apples. The day usually consisted of driving over the apple orchard, picking up our carrying bags, hitching a ride on a hay ride, and spending the afternoon finding the best apples. Finally, we bought our apples, about a dozen apple cider donuts, and left with full bellies and great memories. Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH is where my family went when I was younger and will always hold a special place in my heart. Other great apple picking farms located in the granite state include Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls and Apple View Orchard in Pittsfield.

We are lucky to live and work in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, and we are even luckier to have the wonderful season of fall. Now get out there and enjoy that pumpkin spice latte!

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