The Farm at Eastman’s Corner: “Shop Local” Done Right

My friend first told me about The Farm at Eastman’s Corner while we were discussing the perks of honey. I was complaining about a sore throat and she suggested that I eat a teaspoon of local honey. Since I’m a noob when it comes to local honey, I asked her if she had any favorites. She energetically replied “yes” and told me about a “cool place” where she buys her local honey. That “cool place” is, as you probably guessed, The Farm at Eastman’s Corner.

Sure enough, last Saturday, that friend told me she needed more honey and invited me to come along. She warned me that it was out of the way but totally worth the drive. Was she correct? YES. As we approached the parking lot, I was immediately impressed. They had an awesome horse sculpture out front and a spacious porch with tables and chairs. To put it simply, I was totally in love with the ambiance (and I hadn’t even gone inside yet!)

The inside was wonderful too — it had everything: local produce, baked goods, meats, wine, local honey, you name it! I also noticed a map on their wall that lists all of their vendors and shows where they are located. Cool, right?!  Having information like that takes the “shop local” experience to a whole new level.

To be honest with you, the snow and the cold weather somewhat limited my experience, but it’s okay because Spring is coming! Thus, when it warms up and the snow melts, all I have to do is hop in my car and drive to Kensington where The Farm at Eastman’s Corner will standing there waiting for me, you, and others.

P.S. The “Farmstand” is one of MANY structures they have. They have an adorable illustration on their website that shows the entire property. In fact, I’m already envisioning my next visit: sipping coffee on the porch, stopping by Cluckingham Palace, and buying more honey straws.

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