Farm Table to Your Table: Keeping Takeout Interesting

Hello there, blog readers! Never has it been so confusing and complicated to help promote our restaurants and beverage suppliers here in New Hampshire. At the outset, I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to sharing more about restaurants and the food industry in-person in the (hopefully near) future!

I have a running list of businesses that I want to promote and one of them is still serving takeout and delivery orders, so if you’re in the Campton area, or looking for a pretty drive to get lunch or dinner, I would definitely recommend visiting Covered Bridge Farm Table one day soon.

I visited Covered Bridge Farm Table the first week in March, so these photos were taken inside their restaurant, which is beautifully decorated and has a great view of the Pemigewasset River and the Blair Covered Bridge. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit this place in the summer and enjoy the outdoor patio!

This restaurant is located right off the highway (Interstate 93, exit 27) for ease of access. I was staying in the mountains with a friend and this was the perfect dinner spot on our way north! After we were seated and checking out their large and diverse menu, we noticed something pretty cool:

We had no idea about the restaurant’s history, and it’s such a great story! You can learn more about the transformation on the Food Network’s website.

Our very friendly waitress brought us our drinks and some delicious homemade bread with butter (please note the empty plate pictured above). My old fashioned was delicious and just a tiny bit sweet. For an entree, I ordered the wild mushroom risotto, even though I walked in the door thinking I wanted soup. This risotto ended up being reminiscent of soup because the thick creamy risotto is served in an earthy, hearty mushroom and parmesan broth which smelled divine! In addition to the salty broth, the combination of the bites of mushroom and sweet roasted tomatoes made for a truly comforting dish. I definitely made the right choice!

My friend ordered the Korean Bibimbap which is a warm rice bowl with lots of veggies, fried egg, marinated beef, and sweet and spicy sauces, and a jalapeño margarita. We both licked our plates clean!

As I mentioned, we enjoyed this delicious meal inside the restaurant in early March, and as of this writing (on April 13) they are still doing takeout and delivery to Thornton, Campton, Plymouth, and Rumney from Thursday through Sunday from 12-7 pm. It looks like they’re offering most of their regular menu plus some family-style meals which serve 4-5 people. Definitely give them a call at (603) 238-9115 or visit their Facebook page for the most recent updates!

One additional aside: New Hampshire is full of covered bridges, I think the official count is 54. If you need a fun road trip/physical distancing idea which requires no socializing, might I suggest visiting one of them?

Covered Bridge Farm Table is located at 57 Blair Road in Campton. Until we meet again!

Have you discovered any unique, tasty food or drinks lately? Let us know! Be sure to email us at to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured in “The Taste!”

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