My Favorite Places in NH

The state of New Hampshire has so much to offer, from lakes, to mountains, themed and national parks, and even a bit of coastline sprinkled with good food and Chamberlain Reynolds_Willowentertainment throughout. It can be really hard to narrow down where some of our favorite places are. Each of our Stay Work Play bloggers represent a certain area of the state (if you haven’t caught on yet) and my area is the Lakes/White Mountain regions. I live in the Plymouth area, and many of you, if you don’t already live there, at least visit around there, to go to the lakes, to hike or ski a mountain or even stop by Funspot for some bowling and arcades.

This time of year can easily be the time that a lot of our favorite places get the most use from our lives. Personally with the weather being consistently nicer, I have come full out of in home hibernation mode. I am spending more time at 3 of my favorite spots in my neck of the woods, so to speak, literally and figuratively. While I work in Manchester and get to travel to a lot of places in between, I thought it would be nice to just limit to my favorite 3 within 30 minutes of my house. If you haven’t checked any of these places out, give them a go.

  1. Franklin Falls Dam

    Now you’re probably wondering why I chose a dam in Franklin, and while the dam itself is very cool to see and walk on top of, that’s not the reason I love this space. The managed area has miles and miles of walking trails to explore, but I go there for the mountain biking trails. These well-maintained single track trails provide some exciting riding for all abilities and you can pick up a trail map to guide you around. Make sure you check out the Mighty Chicken Ravine for a fun roller coaster track!

  2. Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest

    Located in-between Holderness and Meredith this 157 acre forest with 2 islands off its shores is a fantastic location to walk your dog, stroll on your own and find yourself a good swim. My wife and I go here as our primary spot to walk Willow, and swim for hours every weekend in the summer. There are a number of trails, including a swamp boardwalk where you can pick blueberries, that can take you on a different trip every time. I highly recommend going and checking this out!

  3. The Pemi River

    This location needs no explanation and you can pretty much put in wherever you want. I mentioned how I float this river often, but not only can you do that but there are plenty of waterfalls to see from Rt 3 in Plymouth, trails to walk or ride, behind the PSU welcome center, and cliffs to jump off, right in Campton. There is plenty to do along the river and taking a quick dip after work before heading home is definitely a regular routine for me.

I’d love to hear about other spots you visit in my area, and would be more than interested to hear about new places to explore outside of the Lakes/Whites!

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