Feel the Burn

Not all burns are bad. Remember when you would burn the edges of your Revolutionary War book report to make it look like an old-timey document? That was always worth a few extra points in history class. Or how about when your friends burn you with a particularly witty one-liner? It might sting a little, but usually results in ample laughter.

Recently I made the decision to burn my mouth on piping hot, fresh pizza, and it was one of those good types of burns. How did I reach this controversial decision? Let me take you back to the beginning, when my scorching hot pizza was just a young dough ball with a bright future.

I first met my pizza earlier this week when I hopped into line at Blaze Pizza, which just opened recently in Nashua. The friendly employees gave me the spiel – I could start with one of the eight specialty pizza options and then customize from there, or I could go totally custom from start to finish.

It seemed like an easy decision for me, so I picked custom and embarked on my pizza journey. After choosing between the original crust, high-rise thicker crust, or gluten free crust, they grabbed a dough ball and began rolling it out right before my eyes. And so my pizza was born.

The next phase was the sauce, with options including classic red sauce, spicy red sauce, garlic pesto sauce, and creamy white sauce, among others. This choice was a bit tougher, but I went with the spicy red.

Then the choice options escalated quickly, with varieties of cheeses, meats, and veggies. I was totally overwhelmed and had to just let my instincts take over. I went with a mozzarella and parmesan cheese combo, with turkey meatballs and Kalamata olives.

Next came the truly difficult part – waving goodbye to my pizza as they took it off to cook it. I felt like a dad who dropped his child off at college. I gave it a wave, blew it a kiss, and stood anxiously in the waiting area. There was a sign that said fast-fired in 180 seconds, which I was skeptical about, but should never have doubted.

Sure enough, three minutes later my pizza popped out of the oven, all grown up with it’s melty cheese and soft but lightly charred crust. I was so excited to be reunited with that little dough ball from just minutes before, that I dove right in and took a huge bite. How hot could it really be after only 3 minutes anyway? Turns out very hot, if you’re keeping score at home.

So I burned my mouth a bit. But do you know what? It burned so good.

I was actually astonished at the quality of the pizza. Everything about it felt like a quality wood fired pizza that would normally take upwards of 30 minutes to receive at a sit-down pizza place. But at Blaze Pizza the entire process from stepping into line to biting into my pizza took under ten minutes and sacrificed nothing in quality.

The cheese was perfectly melty, the crust was cooked all the way through but was still pleasantly soft, and the turkey meatballs were deliciously tender and tasty. It was perhaps the fastest I have ever consumed a pizza.

And the best part is each pizza is made as a personal size, which is large enough to satisfy the boldest appetites, or to have leftovers for lunch the next day. But it’s also small enough that each person can order their own and customize it to their heart’s desire.

After finishing my pizza, I hopped back in line to order a S’mores pie, warmed on the edge of the pizza oven. It was a delightful oversized graham cracker cookie sandwich filled with gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate, which quickly quieted my sweet tooth.

Overall, I was totally impressed with my experience at Blaze Pizza. It was great quality pizza made custom to my preferences, cooked surprisingly quickly, and at an affordable price. Now I can’t wait for my next visit and the chance to watch another dough ball become a fully-grown pizza in mere minutes. Maybe I’ll have dough twins.

You can meet your own dough balls at Blaze Pizza. Check it out at the Pheasant Lane Mall at 310 Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua.

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