Feeling the Love at Tuscan Market


Freshly baked bread lines the cases at Tuscan Market

Tuscan Market is a ten thousand square foot Italian food grocery store and café that does not disappoint. Located in Salem, the market sits just a few hundred feet from Tuscan Kitchen, the award winning restaurant. Joe Faro, the owner and Chief Food Taster, opened the market side of the business and it is clear he made sure no detail was missed.

The store is simply gigantic. There is an extensive grocery area where you can get imported olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried pastas. There are also display coolers with authentic Italian cheeses and cured meats such as hot and sweet soppressata. There is a long display case that runs the length of the market, which contains a section for freshly baked bread, a full butcher counter and an amazing prepared food area including beautiful pastry. Behind the counter is an open kitchen with chefs and staff preparing the days offerings. Both Rebecca and I gravitated toward the homemade meatballs upon recommendation from one of the many attentive staff. I grabbed some freshly made pasta sauce and a box of imported dried pasta to fix the traditional pasta and meatballs. The vegetable and salad section was no slouch either and I pulled our dinner together with a side of broccolini.


Our meal, lovingly prepared by John.

If I am going to cook I usually want to bring the meal together from scratch. I was quite happy taking the easy way out with the high quality Italian cuisine from Tuscan Market. The shop also serves as an excellent option for grabbing a quick antipasto spread for a dinner party or barbeque. My go-to antipasto medley is usually two Italian cheeses, dry cured salami, olives and toasted baguette slices. You can get all that and pick a wine from the three thousand bottle selection at Tuscan Market.

You can spend an hour or two in Tuscan Market eating in the café and shopping for treats. We easily could have outfitted an entire cookout from the butcher counter and not just with the standard fare. The same Certified Black Angus Beef can be purchased in the market as they are serving in the restaurant.

If you are local to Salem you have a gem in your back yard. It is also accessible for anyone looking for a culinary trip on the weekend. Tuscan Market and Kitchen can be found just off of Exit two on 93. For more information visit their website: www.tuscanbrands.com.

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