How to find a Job in the North Country

bigstock-find-a-job-made-by-many-post-27130538It’s often a time consuming and frustrating process to find the perfect job, especially right out of college. You must have your resume and reference letters in tip top shape, fill out application upon application and often endure several interviews before you find a good match. As the global job market becomes increasingly competitive, you have to be on your game! Here are some insider tips for those seeking employment in northern New Hampshire to help ease the process….

NH Employment Security (NHES) is a federally funded state agency that has 13 offices located throughout the state. They provide services to job seekers and employers. I highly recommend signing up for their Ecomonic & Labor Market Information Bureau reports. It is an interesting monthly report that highlights economic developments affecting the state. The site has a wealth of resources, data & statistics to help those seeking employment or employers to see the trends and projections in the various industries, demographics and locations in the state. The Coos County offices are located in Colebrook and Berlin, for those looking.

Other job search tools for those seeking employment in the North Country include:

  • Classifieds in the local newspapers: The News & Sentinel, Colebrook Chronicle & Coos County Democrat, to name a few.
  • Word of mouth & networking at events is extremely effective here.
  • Jobs in NH
  • For school employment: EdJobsNH & School Spring
  • To get on the list to be considered for employment at The Balsams Resort, upon their hopeful re-opening in 2016, you can sign up here.
  • NH Craigslist

Few jobs in northern New Hampshire are listed on the larger job search sites such as Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc. because there are not as many corporate employers. Our schools, Indian Stream Health Center and the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital are some of the top employers in the northern tip of New Hampshire (Stratford north to Pittsburg). We hope to attract youth back to this area, as they’ve been in decline in recent years. Opportunities exist for entrepreneurs, too. Those who love rural life, where community members know you by name, are best suited for this region. Recreational options are countless and housing is affordable. It’s a great place to raise a family or retire! We have a lot going on, and the future is bright. Follow The North Country Chamber of Commerce on Facebook to stay tuned in!

When you start searching, so many resources are available to the public. They are worth looking into!

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