Finding The Good In Goodbye

Is it really that time already?!

I had a much easier time writing my introduction blog, than my final intern blog post. I have to say, this internship is the only thing holding me back from not wanting to graduate. Stay Work Play has been so rewarding to me in the way that it allowed me to learn more about myself on how I work and act in the professional realm.

The relationships that have been created during my short time here will remain with me as I progress more into the tourism industry. The skills I had the opportunity to improve on while at SWP, have given me the confidence needed to succeed and be one step closer to landing my dream job.

Interning here has only solidified my love and appreciation for New Hampshire and all that it has to offer. From the friendliness of my co-workers to the beauty of the natural landscape, I know now more than ever that New Hampshire is my forever home.

I spent a majority of my time researching about Young Professionals Networks in the United States and comparing them to what is already in place for YPNs in the Granite State. Before my internship, I had NO IDEA what YPNs were or how useful they can be for people who are looking to be more involved with their community or wanting to make meaningful connections. I was able to communicate and work with some of New Hampshire’s YPNs and create blog content to help share their stories with other young professionals in the state.

Not too long into my internship, I came across my new found passion about economic development. Since New Hampshire is such a vulnerable state due to it’s aging demographics, I want to increase the awareness of all the great projects going on to keep young people excited about staying here! Economic development is so fascinating to me and aligns well with my interests in sustainability and is a great outlet for improving the well-being of the state.

New Hampshire honestly is a one-of-a-kind destination, we have mountains, lakes, the ocean, and some of the most laid back, friendly people. Out of all of my travels, I have never felt so at home in a tight knit community.

I am graduating this May from Plymouth State University with a Tourism Management and Policy major with a minor in Sustainability and Business Administration. I am happy to say that I am moving to Canterbury and plan on exploring the Lakes Region this summer for good swimming spots and even better breakfast joints.

But, my goodbye is not as sad as it could be, because I will continue to be a blogger for SWP! If my interests and blog posts fancy you at all, please feel free to check out the SWP website and keep an eye out for me!

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  1. Lily SullivanMay 10, 2018 at 8:00 pm #

    Great job Em, Love you!

    • Emily SullivanAugust 9, 2018 at 7:38 am #

      Love you too 🙂

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